The Trump Administration's Real Agenda is Succeeding With Flying Colors

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<p>Anonymous mailer sent to residents of Edison, N.J.</p>

Anonymous mailer sent to residents of Edison, N.J.

I’ve got to hand it to you, Mr. President. While we’re all busy running around going crazy over Russia, Hillary, Comey, the fake news media, etc., you and your gathering of loyal, like-minded, band of bigots are quietly (okay, maybe not so quietly) going about dismantling the fabric of our democracy and reshaping it to one that better reflects the twisted, outdated beliefs/principles of a group of deranged, power-hungry white men, the likes of which we haven’t seen in sixty years. Maybe, ever.

Talk all you want about taxes, health care, national anthems, the military, education, drug abuse, etc. We both know these are just futile distractions. Ones which you have no intention, or more importantly, no desire, to actually fix/improve. But, that’s okay. We know what your real agenda is. That of an ethnically-cleansed, white nationalist state run by racist fascists. One where you, and those like you, can openly discriminate, persecute - and prosecute - those different from you, to the point where they don’t want to be here any longer. And, after all, I think you’ll agree, looking at it from a pure economical sense, it’s much easier convincing twenty million people to leave, as opposed to expending the time/energy/resources to deport each and every one.

And the way you’re going about it is truly genius. Master manipulators of days gone by, such as Hitler, Stalin, and Mussolini, would be proud. Even your nemesis, Little Rocket Man, must be bursting at the seams with pride. After all, the only thing separating you from him is a Constitution. But, what’s a silly little piece of paper to guys like you?

I mean, seriously, let’s face it, obviously, in 2017 America, you can’t just come out and call for the extermination of an entire race(s) of people - that’s so 1930’s. Instead, you and your team of deplorables seem to have perfected the art of controlling the not-so-subtle narrative. Comments like the classic, “There are good people on both sides” wasn’t a slip of the tongue. Statements like that are designed to permanently cement your status as defender/protector of those who, on the outside, don’t wish to exterminate, rather, simply ‘relocate’ and ‘repatriate’ those different from them, while also acting as a call to arms. “They’re work camps. Honest.”

And considering the litany of misguided cowards that continue to line up behind you, rank and file, no matter how grievous the offense, both at the governmental level - as well as your average, gun-toting neighborhood wack-job, you know, if you can convince the overwhelming majority of The People to actually vote to support/encourage this type of depravity through legislation, then the odds of it succeeding on a grand scale are increased, immeasurably.

Whether it’s the manipulation/propagation of social media, the constant separatist message delivered non-stop during what seems like a never-ending campaign tour of hate and discrimination, or just good ole fashioned, grass roots word of mouth, you’ve managed to slowly but surely influence public perception to the point where, even in democratic bastions like my home of small town New Jersey, residents can wake to find pieces of your hate-influenced propaganda in their mailboxes.

Your repeated laughable attempts at being Presidential, be it being forced to read off a teleprompter following a neo-nazi rally because your true feelings were too offensive even for many of your supporters, or making a half-hearted attempt at consoling the African-American mother of a fallen soldier, do nothing but offer up an even clearer picture of your true character/objective. Thus, for everyone’s sake, why not cut the crap already and just come out and say it? Be honest for once in your life. You despise anyone who’s not pure white, staunchly Christian and ridiculously wealthy, and you want to divide the planet, accordingly. That goes for your cabinet, too.

The lot of you coming out and finally admitting it would spare us all, on both sides, your poor, beleaguered press secretary notwithstanding, another million wasted minutes of political ping-pong of accusals and denials each and every time your true colors show. And, as is evident from the recent elections of scum like Roy Moore, your base would most likely grow even bigger and more organized, as they seem to be impervious to truth.

Think about it. Imagine if there was nothing stopping you from hammering home your message of intolerance and division while finally being able to announce your administration will happily grant safe passage/protection to the most vile and wretched spreaders of hate our country has ever seen. How great would that be?

Sadly, even a galactic putz like yourself knows you can’t do that - just yet. But what you and your republican partners in crime - and I mean that literally - are doing, instead, is truly something to behold. For the damage done will last decades longer than any presidential term and leave your mark, or better yet, stain, on our wounded nation for years to come, and that’s quite impressive for someone as apparently clueless and hapless as you.

Forget taxes and health care. Your real work, what you’re most proud of, is the effort to surround yourself with individuals whose similar ideology will see, in the days/months/years to come, new laws to allow for the legal discrimination of undesirables, a new batch of corporate cannibals to assist in you stuffing your pockets at the expense of the many, a frenzy of appointments of right-wing radicals to lifetime federal judgeships to ensure the enforcement of these unAmerican policies. No more liberal Hawaiian or San Franciscan judges ruining the party. No, sir. They will simply be overruled on the Appellate/Supreme level. Masterful. Consider us Trumped.

These actions - as well as, in many instances, the lack of them - taken by you and your abhorrent administration clearly show what you and your crew of racist bullies are truly up to. And it’s nothing short of a plague on humanity.

Be it Muslim bans, Mexican walls, neo-nazi coddling, slavery compromises, the shaming of black athletes, as well as the practically unwavering support shown by members of your evangelical counsel, if this isn’t a wake up call to anyone and everyone who believe in the silly adage of Live and Let Live, I don’t know what is.

But, again, congrats to you, Mr. President. For we, as a People, will be reeling from the ill effects of your manifestation of hate for years to come. And, for a guy like you, who thrives on division, chaos, and anarchy, the possibility of Civil War 2.0 must leave you foaming at the mouth. For, it seems clear, when we are at our worst, that is the time you truly feel you are at your best.