The Trump Doctrine: A Disaster For America And The World


"Trump Can't Be President"

Those are the words being echoed from a letter signed by over 50 Republican foreign policy and national security experts who believe that Donald Trump is unfit to be President of The United States.

At the same time, Generals Allen and Hayden have said that Trump's illegal and irrational ideas (including withdrawal from NATO) could create in fact the first civic military crisis in the United States, revealing also that no retired General with leadership and prestige is actually advising Trump. On the same line, long time CIA operative and Director Michael Morell said Trump's lack of understanding of current affairs and his temperament are a threat to US national security.

To corroborate those thoughts, Trump recently came out saying reckless statements like those praising Russia for having performed political espionage against the Democrats and Secretary Clinton; diminishing a Muslim-American Gold Star Family, and his most recent unbelievable suggestion, that Second Amendment activists could stop Hillary Clinton if she became President.

And it is these same declarations, along with his character and loose temperament, that raise two important questions: Can someone with an irrational personality become the leader of the most powerful country on earth? Can someone with such loose temperament become our country's Commander-in-Chief?

When it comes to the role of 'Commander-In-Chief,' Secretary Albright, former Secretary of State under Bill Clinton and who spoke at the Democratic Convention, said it best: 'Whoever becomes our next Commander-In-Chief, he or she must be leveled, balanced, and be able to act under pressure.'

It seems that Donald Trump fails to understand what Madeline Albright so eloquently explained: America's Security, both at home and abroad, is not a reality television show, actually, is quite the opposite. When dealing with America's security, there isn't time for second chances or do-overs.

With so much uncertainty in our world, especially when it comes to foreign policy, the way in which the next President of The United States handles issues of national security becomes incredibly important.

For example, on being a good negotiator (something Mr. Trump likes to allude to), Secretary Clinton was instrumental in ensuring that Iran's nuclear program was put on hold, while at the same time making sure America's image and leadership was lifted across the world.

And when it comes to Latin America's foreign policy, Secretary Clinton supports the reestablishment of US-Cuba relations and she has been an outspoken leader in speaking out against the human rights violations and corruption of power that continues to take place in my native country of Venezuela.

For a country that has the largest military in the world at their feet, America needs a Commander-In-Chief who can stay calm under pressure, not someone who loses their temper over a tweet.

As Americans, when it comes to foreign policy, we should all be worried by the potential of a 'Trump Foreign Policy Doctrine' becoming a reality.

We can and must do better as a people; not only because it's the right thing to do, but also because our country's future depends on it.