One of the comments I received from a reader was this, ‘you’re a UK citizen and a Brit so I’m not really interested in your views or your take on American politics or Donald Trump’. It’s a shame because on the one hand I’d expected response and on the other, the reader instead didn’t even get past the first paragraph. But actually I do have an interest in who is elected President of the United States and this is why. I’m sure many will have heard the old adage ‘when America sneezes, the rest of the world catches cold’. The outcome of this election affects not only American citizens but also, the world. America is undisputedly the most powerful nation in the world. It has the most powerful economy and military unmatched by any other nation. It is effectively the last remaining ‘Superpower’. The economic viability and strength of this great nation affects the global economy and its citizens. America’s geopolitical stance also has a huge impact on the world stage. For those reasons, how voters cast their ballot this November will have an impact on my life as much as it does, on theirs.

But not only that. As a journalist with huge international experience covering warzones and having lived and worked in virtually every continent in the world, I feel the need to speak up about Donald Trump’s foreign policy or lack thereof.  Admittedly I am not a fan of Donald Trump because he extolls very fascist and uber right wing views which have no place in modern society let alone, America. So here I will outline why I believe Donald Trump once again, is BAD NEWS for America.

As I’m sure many of you are aware politicians and foreign policy experts as well as those in the intelligence community have all warned that Trump would pose a dangerous threat to America and the international community. Of course there are those who would disagree and that in itself is astounding. Firstly, Donald Trump is a businessman. Let me just repeat that ‘Donald Trump is a businessman’. He is NOT a politician or a diplomat and lacks the understanding, training or aptitude. That by the way is not a strength because it leads me on to the second reason why. Secondly, Donald Trump does NOT have the qualifications or experience of high office or dealing with people who have served decades in public service. By that token, he is not someone who is interested in public service, at all. If he were then, he should have run for Governor of New York or even the Senate. May be then and only then, would he have redeemed himself as a potential candidate for the highest office in the land. Thirdly, Donald has NO experience in international affairs. Worse than that is, he doesn’t even know the current state of play. For example he denied that Russia was even in Ukraine or that Vladamir Putin would enter Ukraine. I’m sorry Mr Trump but he pretty much annexed Crimea and sent in Russian troops to northern Ukraine two years ago. Simple mistakes like this where you lack the very basic knowledge is simply alarming. But then why should you because you’re a businessman and NOT a diplomat or politician and therefore, simply not interested in world affairs as it doesn’t affect you. But hold on there. It does in so far as it may prevent you from dealings abroad. That’s where your dangerous links with Russia come in. You are so desperate to do business in Russia that you would massage Vladamir Putin’s ego so as to be seen favourably in his eyes. That coupled with the fact that your campaign manager and advisor on foreign policy have immense ties with Russia, is no coincidence. In short, you really have no idea what you’re talking about and as Vice President Joe Biden said ‘you have no idea, period’. Fourthly, because of your lack of knowledge and experience you would make rash and ill thought through decisions based on your gut instincts and governed by fear and total and utter lack of understanding or the subject matter or indeed, the impact and consequences of your decision.

You make great bones about the fact you are fighting the establishment and you are not political and therefore, an outsider. Are these the same Washington elite and politicians you so happily supported for many years before you entered the race for the White House? Are these the same politicians you courted to sure up your business interests? Wait, are these the same politicians who are now endorsing you for President. And, are these the same politicians you now accuse of creating the mess you ‘alone’ can clean up. You take great stock in doing what these people could not despite their decades of experience in public service and high office. If they are corrupt and tainted then it’s because you were part of that corrupt regime that so gleefully backed them and were happy to support them just so long as they did your bidding. You had no qualms or issues supporting them then but all of a sudden you have this epiphany or vision that ‘you’re the only one that can fix it’. I think what you fail to grasp is that as an outsider you have no idea at all about the body politic. That’s not to say you should be a bureaucrat and get lost in all the diplomatic garbage and nonsense aka red tape but, that many people who are in high office and seek high office have an inherent interest in doing good for the public or the people they serve. I do not believe that you have that ability or interest except for yourself. You are more concerned about your ego, image, reputation and the knock effect on your business then you are about America or the American people.

You have also said that you would NOT come to the assistance of our NATO allies in Europe. It’s tantamount to giving anyone, in this case Vladamir Putin, the greenlight to walk in to the rest of Ukraine and the  possibly anywhere else he chooses. Thankfully both Britain and France are nuclear powers so would have a devastating blow on Russia were it to go that far. You also alarm many other foreign powers who see you as unstable and unhinged. Someone who lacks the temperament to be in charge of America’s vast nuclear arsenal.  

You see Mr Trump I do not believe you want to become President. This race for you is about several things. Firstly, it’s about ego. Secondly, it’s about winning and winning hard. Thirdly, you don’t want to be beaten by a woman. Fourthly, this is a game for you and the ultimate prize of challenge. What better way to secure your name in the history books than to run for or become President of the United States. You expect your running mate and those he’ll appoint, to effectively run policy and, the country. You’ll be wheeled on every now and then with a script in hand and that will be your role.

This world that you say is in such a mess will need someone who is qualified and able to deal with problems of this magnitude. We need a leader and one that has a proven track record and who has the temperament and moral compass to make the right decisions. Someone who is respected and known on the global political stage and not someone who is flippant, irreverent to the issues, lacks basic understanding and so, so much more.  Right now your candidacy speaks for itself. You neither have the temperament, the patience, the morality or even the good sense of judgement as to when to say something that is of value compared to absolute drivel. Unfortunately, much of what comes out of your mouth is unacceptable as much of it is ill informed, ignorant and uneducated. And for that reason or reasons alone, I believe ‘as many people have told me’ that, you are unfit to become President.

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