The Trump Titanic

I’ve been saying this for about a year now, and the time has come to write it.

The Republican Party is traveling on the Trump Titanic. The iceberg was hit a long time ago. In fact, the Titanic keeps hitting the iceberg over and over again, like a berserk GIF. That’s because Trump himself is the iceberg, and the GIF keeps on giving.

Let’s stipulate that 46% of the electorate actually voted for Trump. I would then speculate that about half of Trump voters —so 20-25% of the total electorate — will metaphorically go down with the Trump Titanic.

They’ll be glub-glubbing “Make America Great Again,” with fingers pointing accusingly at Bob Corker & John McCain & Jeff Flake and whatever other Judases emerge from the GOP to betray the false messiah. 

The ocean’s surface will be littered with lonely red hats.

But the other half of Trump’s electorate won’t be going down with him. They have long been looking for the moment when they need to jump off the Trump Titanic & try to swim.

This group includes Republicans who weren’t “Never Trump!” in the primaries or the general, but are now—like Corker & McCain. Susan Collins & Lisa Murkowski. Charlie Dent & Dave Reichert. It’s a relatively small but growing throng.

And then there are the very symbols of the Republican “establishment”: Ryan & McConnell. These rats will jump off the sinking ship whenever the risk/reward favors that maneuver. And the rest of the “establishment” will follow. My guess is the moment will come whenever they do or don’t ram through the #TrumpTaxScam. We all know that the tax cut for the rich donors is what Republican world is all about, the only thing they really care about, because that prospect has kept the big bucks flowing from the Mercers & the Kochs & the Adelsons & the Wynns. We also know that to pay for this tax cut for the top, the GOP will go after Medicare & Medicaid. They already have in the budget proposal they passed.

But when the tax cut fight is over, watch for the GOP to literally cleave in half as the Trump Titanic sinks. It will sink because this Divider-in-Chief, this bigoted, ignorant con man, is manifestly unfit for high office, and the semi-functional half of the GOP will no longer need him to sign tax cuts for their donors. Whether they actually impeach, or invoke the 25th Amendment, or trigger the Emoluments Clause will depend on what Mueller uncovers, as compared to the level of outrageous, irresponsible, pathological tripe Trump serves up.

And to those who are worried about Mike Pence being placeholder in the White House — don’t be! The cleaved-in-half GOP will be the lamest of wounded ducks, with Steve Bannon & his vultures eagerly consuming the remains.

It’s the Trump Titanic. If you’re on it, my advice is: JUMP!!!

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