The Trump Train in Houston, Texas

Far from a raucous cacophony, the jingles had rehearsed even choreographed qualities.  “Hey, Hey Ho, Ho Donald Trump has got to go.” Synonymous to a high school cheerleader, a waiflike creature with way too many clothes on for the 107-degree heat index, blared into her megaphone redundantly guiding the protesters through the lyrics. Accompanied by saxophones, other brass, and a percussion section for emphasis, the atmosphere acted more jovial and carnival-like than sober verbal remonstrance towards their Satan-like vision of the invisible man inside the gigantic house across the street trying to raise millions. I thought a second stanza with a clear delineation where Donald should “go” would have put forth a far more powerful message. As those gathered were largely of Latin origin, a different chorus of “si se puedes” had the same rehearsed harmony though not near the cadence or stentorian effect of the first ditty. Amply stocked coolers helped the crowd stay sufficiently hydrated, allowing for continued elevated levels of enthusiasm.  In short, it was the kind of gathering someone might encounter a future spouse.

 Above the chants and drumbeat, there were attempts by me to engage in civil discourse. One particular slightly chunky young woman of erect posture and zombie-like visage meticulously balanced her cardboard message across her chest. Approaching this truncated totem pole, I sheepishly inquired, as to the significance of “END ICE RAIDS NOW”.   In my nescience, I thought, in some oblique way, this somehow contained some reference to refrigerators. Her simple reply explained the reference to arrest and deportation of immigrants.  I asked her if those unfortunates were in America illegally. “No human being is illegal,” was my answer. Perplexed, I continued with my logic about the rule of law and other accoutrements of Western Civilization. “All human beings are legal” she regurgitated again. So breaking laws and…….”All human beings are legal”; A human metronome. My other efforts yielded standard fare that Trump was racist, a misogynist, and loathed Muslims.  As an aside, Google reveals that ICE refers to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. An ICE raid implies federal agents, with deportation documents in hand, invade locations where these specific illegal immigrants are known to be hiding.

The Trump train had made it to Houston, Texas briefly nesting in the upscale River Oaks area. Home to enormous donors to both ends of the political spectrum, this sweltering pre-solstice afternoon, saw Republican elites clustered at the immoderate residence of Mr.Tony Buzbee, who, in my opinion, is something of an anomaly. As an ultra-successful plaintiff’s lawyer, he is one of the very, very, very, few from that line of work, that count themselves as Republicans. Around these parts, the Democratic party is often referred to as little more than a subsidiary of the plaintiff bar.   

Back across the street, I was sweating with the rest of the crowd. Protester signage was uniform and right on message with standard accusations toward Trump that citizenry is bombarded daily with by many media outlets; “United Against Racism and Fascism”, “Stop Islamophobia”, and “Build Bridges, Not Walls” are some examples. Some showed a little more creativity like “Build a Wall Around Trump” or my favorite “Bad Hair and Hot Air”.

Just who are these people that come to let their voices be heard?  Are they disaffected Sanders supporters; didn’t see any signs for either Hillary or Bernie.  It is apparent what they don’t like, but no real instructions were offered to make the world into their little utopia. At least a few communist party members or sympathizers attended, and I got my first ever copy of “Revolution” newspaper. It was announced as free, but I got a dirty look for not making a donation. There were a few signs announcing Pro-Union support, but that made little sense given that Trump was and remains the only candidate threatening or promising abrogate trade agreements and bring back union jobs from cheap labor venues of Mexico and China.

Then there was the Hispanic fellow in a cowboy hat and bandanna covering his entire face, save his eyes. Boy, this guy must have been suffocating. His thought for the day “We’re Not Afraid of Revolution” was accentuated by sidebar photos of luminaries Che Guevara, Pancho Villa, and a third “gentleman” who was probably Fidel brandishing an AK-47, but I can’t swear to it.

Herein lies the entire hypocrisy of the whole statist ideology. All the complainers I-phones, I-pads, a few huge camera lenses were presumably cataloging the imperialist nature of the gathering. People who drink freely of capitalist innovation and many that take government subsidies, yet decry the system.

On Racism

Clearly, no man has ignited more passion among the electorate in a couple of generations. He is said to be racist because he wants to build a Southern border wall and implies that vast amounts of Mexicans are rapists and murderers. Inflammatory greatly understates the impact of Mr. Trumps’ words. Instead, suppose he suggested America has an illegal immigration problem, enforcement of the rule of law is the bedrock of America, and we need to try some different solutions.

Ivanka, Trumps oldest daughter is married to an orthodox Jew which announces a tolerant open mind. A desire to enforce laws by building a wall, may or may not be a good idea, but does not make a person a racist. (See my thoughts.)

Numbers verify that disproportionate crime by illegals is a significant issue. Between 2008 and 2014 in the five states of Texas, New York, California, Florida, and Arizona, according to the Government Accountability Office (GAO), 38 percent of all murder convictions were illegal aliens. Unlawful populations of these states are 5.6 percent. These five states contribute over 35 percent of the United States Census. What Trump could have said; While the great majority of citizens of Mexican descent are law abiding and productive, there is a crime problem among illegal aliens that must be addressed. The brutal murder of Kate Steinle in sanctuary city San Francisco by a five- time deported and seven-time convicted felon indicates a broken system.

There is now embedded resentment that immigrants receive better treatment than natives. Perhaps such umbrage is seeded that at least 65 percent of illegals receive government subsidies. And, 49 percent of legal immigrant families avail themselves to the generous American safety net versus 30 percent of households headed by natives.

Trump has proposed a complete ban on Muslim immigration. He doesn’t say whether it is for a month or ten years. In light of Boston, San Bernadino, and now Orlando, the reflexive reactions of many is to jump on this bus. The reality remains that all of these murderers were radicalized U.S. citizens. That said, perhaps a debate regarding how to improve vetting of Middle East refugees is appropriate; Allowing entrance to thousands of Syrian’s without some systemic background checks causes concern. The Trump lack of clarity leaves him vulnerable to charges of prejudice.


It nearly always helps when facts can intervene with hysteria. Donald Trump referenced Rosie O’Donnell as a fat pig. His insults have little to do with her physical appearance, but rather his history of distaste towards her personality. Flaunting the dictates of political correctness brings results extrapolated beyond all reality. Trump hurled any number of epithets at Megyn Kelley, who commands pretty decent rankings in the “sexy/attractive” category. Calling her a “bimbo,” something she is demonstrably not,  reflects immaturity, and correlates not at all with hatred at half the world’s population.  

Trump has very successful daughters, one of whom recently graduated cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania.  Ivanka, has a successful clothing line and is an executive vice-president in the Trump organization. His actions as a parent suggest a man respectful of women and cultivating their talents. Also, since he has been so thoroughly vetted, why has there never been any 911 late night domestic violence calls to Trump tower? Surely, at least one of his wives would reveal some Trump scars.  


For all the hype, the affair was quite subdued.  If you observed from some distance, the whole thing could have been mistaken for quite a jolly affair. There was no fights or violence like we have witnessed at so many other affairs, Trump. Hundreds of blue uniforms, anticipating trouble,  swarmed a large radius from the Trump watering hole.

The ineffectiveness of this incongruous band stems from an utter lack of any antidote for their litany of ills. Bernie’s remedy is to dismantle Wall Street, concurrently raise taxes, pay for college and bring medicine under more government control. Hillary moved left in lock step with Bernie and her prescriptions for our country are fluid; they move like a weather vane.

Unfortunately, the grand Trump presence can be diminished either by limited communication skills or his intentional inflammation of passions. A combination of the Trump bluster fortified with the rigor of more facts and less hyperbole will stand him in good stead come November.


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