The Truth About Extraterrestrials on Earth (VIDEO)

Recently, I set out to prove that there's a secret organization that polices and monitors extraterrestrials living on Earth. I call them the Men in Black Suits because at first, that was all I knew about them.

What started as a blog to keep track of my evidence transformed into a movement. It's clear to me now I'm not alone. There are tons of you just like me who know the truth is out there. I call us the MiBelievers. Together, we're going to prove the Men in Black Suits are real.

To reach even more people who believe, I started a hotline where anyone could call in and share information they found. I made a Facebook page so all MiBelievers could post videos, talk together and go through the evidence.

The response has been overwhelming. Tens of thousands of people called into the MenInBlackSuitsAreReal hotline. I listened to hours of voicemails. People have shared their stories and sightings from all over the world.

I rely on all of you who, like me, know the truth is out there. Please continue to do anything you can to help me prove the Men In Black Suits are real.

Today, I am honored and humbled to share my findings here on The Huffington Post. I am closer now than ever to finding out the truth.

I'd like to share with you a few of the most recent messages I've received.

"Near a prairie; saw bright flashing lights" - 3/30/12 13:02 CDST

Prairies are perfect settings for extraterrestrial vehicle testing and landings. This message doesn't come as a surprise, but that it was left during daylight hours¬. I suspect the lights were accidentally triggered. There is a chance they could have purposefully scheduled this during the day to take the classic "hide in plain sight" strategy. I look forward to an update from this caller if she sees any more prairie lights.

"Little green aliens? What we think of ETs are actually beings from another dimension" - 4/2/12 09:28 HST

I've only recently studied time travel and multiple dimensions, so I can't really confirm or argue with this caller. I'm just not sure that being from another dimension means you can't also be from another planet.

"Ice cream truck drivers in Florida are aliens" - 3/29/12 16:37 EDST

We all know aliens love ice cream, but to drive an ice cream truck you can't be gorging on your product all day. Chances are, this is a case in which the drivers are from extremely cold planets and their "mobile office" affords them a cool place to escape from the humidity. What I find most suspicious about this is why someone who hates the heat would ever live in Florida?

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