The Truth About 'The Interview'

I was a television comedy writer of The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Bob Newhart, Maude and other 'quality' shows... so they were called. I also had two Top Ten Movies of the Week, all credits mentioned to give me some bonfides for my review of 'The Interview.'

It is the Emperor's New Clothes that this movie was even made, not withstanding its becoming a reason for international exchange of threats and sanctions. This piece of garbage, I won't dignify it by calling it a movie, is indeed an insult!

But not to North Korea! It insults anyone who has ever written a script that couldn't get made. OK, I'm bitter. Anyone who shares Guild membership in Writer's and Director's Guilds, can we take away people's membership? Take those cards, please!

It is an insult to anyone in high school to call it "sophomoric."
Barrumph bump!

But seriously, folks...I have just wasted two hours of my life which I will not get back and $5.99 ON Demand because I believe in free speech and thought I should support it!

If ever a movie should not have been released, this is it. THE SINGLE WORST MOVIE I HAVE EVER SEEN. (OK, I'll admit I didn't see 'Ishtar', but still.)

James Franco, who was an engaging adept actor once, is so embarrassing I feel for him. Seth Rogen who has had some teddy bear charm and comedic chops was obviously on some mind numbing drug through the entire process. The only one who is even pretending to act is the poor guy who plays the Dictator. And his life is probably doomed.

The homophobia is so pervasive, it almost blurred the few racist and anti-Semitic lines and fascination with bodily secretions and misogyny make "Ted" seem Pulitzer worthy.

I really think that Sony orchestrated the whole hacking thing to make a dollar on this piece of you know what because they realized what a bomb it truly was.

Well, not really... but at least that would be a good premise. But next time give it to Will Farrell or some English team to make. But how do I really feel?

I need a drink!