The Truth About Your Body

We've all had moments of loathing our bodies. We nitpick imperfections, and pour over our perceived inadequacies in hopes that we can work them off. Thanks to mainstream media we have a tendency to look at ourselves as incomplete. We struggle with loving ourselves and we're told we can't love other people before we can love ourselves. Well, all of that is bullshit.

The truth is your body is a fragile monument. It carries you through the multitude of experiences that we call life. Like pretty much everything else, our body is bound to change, evolve, degrade, and grow. We're very aware of this process, that's why we have a thing called "body image".

It's disparity around this body image, between the way we look and the way we want to look, that informs anxiety about our self image. Yet, the truth is we should all embrace the unique things that make us beautiful. This seems like some self-help, tip of the day bullshit, but we're sincere here. Our bodies are unique so fuck feeling bad about yourself because of perceived imperfections. This isn't to say don't exercise or don't treat your body with care. Do those things. Just don't let anyone shame you, and if they do, tell them to "fuck off".

The above video from Shir Levi exposes all of these insecurities in a powerful tone poem tackling body image. The relatable voiceover speaks volumes about taking comfort in yourself. Relax, let go, and take comfort in your own image - it's the only one you have.