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The Truth Behind Long Distance Friendships

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Okay - If I see one more shared article on Facebook that is titled "15 Problems Only BFF Who Live Apart Will Understand" I might stick pins in my eyes.

I click on these posts each time only to find myself swarmed by "BFF EVER" and "Far in Distance BUT Close in Heart" - when they really should read "Fuck my life, I'm forever alone" and "Whose that bitch in your profile pic".

I swear I have seen 10 renditions of this exact post in my feed over the last month, and I'm calling bullshit. Either that, or I just have shitty friends (could be the sad truth).

Let me tell you what living abroad for 2 years is really like on a friendship.

It fucking sucks.

You go away super naive to the fact that time differences really will make a huge difference, and that weekly Skype call ins are not going to be the reality.
Not only because your internet is complete shit and cuts out every 5 minutes, but because your bestie is chilling with Netflix and would rather do that then listen to you talk about your day to day life.
A life that essentially doesn't involve her at the mo.

You will inevitably feel some sort of resentment towards your girlfriends.
Because at your lowest you'll feel like you have absolutely no one.

Yes you've made new friends, but no one can replace the girls who who have seen you evolve from 14 to 24. Like literally SEEN it. The braces, acne, side bangs, Roxy tshirts, skate shoes, Stitches jeans...... you get the picture.

Babies, marriages, houses and new careers are milestones that everyone will be hitting and you'll see it through a screen and maybe just maybe a phone call if your lucky. Your friends will go through tragedy and you won't find out for a few days later.

It's going to be hard to look at their lives changing and think yours has stayed exactly the same.
But, then one of those friends will remind you how damn cool you are moving away and seeing the world - so embrace that reminder, after all it was your choice.

You will be back, remember that, whether it's once a year or twice, chances are your girls are waiting for you too.

The friends that you are excited to see the second you step off that plane, the ones that aren't too cheap to take you out for a much needed bottle of wine ( because you've been stuck in a DRY country for two years)... those are the betches that matter.

So love them, keep in touch when you can, don't expect the world from them and remember that they will be there when you get back. Maybe just fifteen pounds heavier with a kid on each hip.

6 REAL Shitty Problems Long Distance BFFS Face (Trust Me)

1. Skype is a damn bitch and talking face to face can be awkward as hell, especially because you don't shower anymore. Turbans are "in" where you're living.

2. The time difference matters a lot when both of you are trying to catch up on The Affair.

3. One of the bridesmaids will try and convince your bride to be bestie, that SHE should be the maid of honor, - ya know just until you get back.

4. You'll completely forget birthday's and feel guilty that her ex-coworker's second cousin's comment on Facebook, reminded you.

5. You'll get pissed off that your friend isn't inviting you to hang out with her new crew, even tho they really aren't your type, and you'd rather not sit in a circle discussing foreign affairs on a Friday.

6. When you drop half a paycheck on clothes totally accidentally due to the currency conversion, your bestie will roll her eyes and think you're just showing off.

You made it. As cliche and cringe worthy as it sounds, moving away really will show you who your closest friends are. And the rest? Well... get them to take you out for that obligatory "welcome back drink" and then drop em' like it's HOT. Or keep them in your back pocket for when Bestie #1 is too busy putting her offspring to bed.