The Truth Is, Trump Has Inspired Millions

Hillary has consistently fought for those other than herself.

I’m for changing the establishment and the old guard. I’m for electing someone who doesn’t play by the old rules of politics, and shakes up the system.

Donald Trump has made a lot of those points very well, and inspired millions of people who are fed up with the system.

It just so happens that he has no experience as a leader or having a steady hand. He can’t even control what he says. All kinds of little things set him off. An incredibly scary idea when that person controls our image in the world, our relationships with our allies, and has his loose twitter finger on our nuclear arsenal. These are not matters we can gamble on, just because we want change. Change will come. We can always make big changes next time, as long as the foundations of who we are are still intact.

Trump deserves a lot of credit. He has truly created a movement pointing out very real flaws in our system. But he is just not the person to lead us out of them. He has never shown himself to care about other people, in the actions of his life. He only cares about himself. The crowd chants “USA!” and he says “Thank you” like even our nation is all about him. When he is up in the polls, he says they are great, fair polls. When he is down, he throws the foundation of our whole democracy under the bus saying the entire system is rigged and he may not accept the results. Whenever you look at his motivations, it is always only himself and his image he has in mind. Not the greater good. Not other people. He even leaves his wives when he gets a better offer, breaking the most solemn pledge someone can make. So how can we trust his loyalty? How can we even know he won’t make secret promises to our enemies if they make him an under the table business deal that makes him more rich? We can’t.

Hillary Clinton has lied, yes. All politicians have. But if you look at the actions of her life, she has consistently fought for those other than herself. This is the most important quality in a leader. When torn between two choices, that should be the minimum standard we assess them by. Have they shown care for other people? It’s the best way to see someone’s heart.

I wish the person who wanted to change the system was a thoughtful, careful, experienced person. But in this case, he unfortunately is not. So as much as we may want big change, sometimes there is a more urgent matter that just delays that change for a while. This particular time the risk of that change is just too great.

Let’s start the day after the election searching for a truly caring and qualified person who can change the major flaws in our system, and we can run that person for president in four years if we want. But this time, let’s not take such a big gamble with our nation.



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