The Twins Tried Very Hard To Ruin 'Bachelor In Paradise' Last Night

Emily and Haley Ferguson tweeted an apology for their "terrible, embarrassing, cringeworthy" behavior.

On Tuesday night’s episode of “Bachelor in Paradise,” Emily and Haley Ferguson brought their blonde twin schtick back to the beaches of Mexico ― but their stay didn’t last long.

The two women, generally referred to as “the twins” in “Bachelor” world lingo, appeared on Ben Higgins’ season of “The Bachelor,” where they launched a reality TV celebrity career based primarily on their ignorance of geography, matching outfits and refusal to eat anything other than chicken fingers and candy. They showed up on the last season of “Paradise,” where they switched outfits one night to try to trick their dates, and they landed a Freeform spin-off show all of their own.

But if their ditzy blonde personae weren’t starting to pall on viewers, their mean-girl behavior on the latest “Paradise” episode just may have. The two women showed up on what proved to be the second-to-last day on set, and found that most of the remaining cast was solidly coupled off ― including Derek Peth and Dean Unglert, the men they were determined to award their double date card to.

Haley decided to offer her date to Jack Stone, who is often teasingly called a “serial killer,” instead, but Emily insisted on asking Unglert ― not once, but twice. “I won’t take no for an answer,” she told him. “You don’t have a choice.” She wasn’t exactly joking, either. When he finally insisted he couldn’t go out with her because he was focusing his attention on Danielle Lombard, Emily became noticeably irritated with him and began lashing out. Lombard was hot enough, she told the camera, “if you don’t mind talking to a wall.” 

Finally, she huffily asked Jonathan Treece (nicknamed “Tickle Monster”) instead, but the pair made it clear they felt above dating the two “weirdos,” when they wanted two of the standard-issue hotties.

Things only got worse right before the date, when Stone decided to stay back at the resort to spend more time with Christen Whitney. “I asked you on this date to be nice!” Haley snapped. As if directly humiliating him wasn’t enough, the twins decided to storm out, flashing middle fingers and yelling “fuck everyone here!”, leaving the rest of the cast befuddled in their wake. They garnished their bratty exit with some seafood, picking scallops from a plate ― a nasty allusion to Whitney’s much-mocked penchant for the shellfish ― and hurling them down at the cast. 

Twitter commentators were aghast:

Perhaps it’s all just an act, a self-aware ploy for ratings. The whole scene felt lifted out of a teen movie: two perfectly manicured blonde cheerleaders sneering at the misfit boys and trashing their rivals.  

Or perhaps the twins hit rock bottom that night and feel true remorse. Before the show, Emily tweeted an apology for their behavior:

Emily also tweeted that they had apologized directly to the women on the show they hurt.

Not everyone felt the apologies were necessary: 

But going by the overwhelmingly negative Twitter reaction, the twins will have a little work to do to salvage their Bachelor Nation reputations ― and, perhaps, to find a new, less rude routine to perform in the future.

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