The Twisted Symbolism of a Hillary Clinton Presidency

sen. hillary clinton  speaks at ...
sen. hillary clinton speaks at ...

No amount of spin can repackage the centrist, right-leaning 2008 Hillary Clinton into a 2016 progressive. American voters didn't want her in 2008 and as the last several primary contests show, many don't want her now.

Sure she's got the experience and qualifications of someone who knows how to make politically convenient choices dependent on the election atmosphere, accusing her opponent Bernie Sanders of outlandish ideals then within hours retooling this same platform into sound-bite worthy talking points the mainstream media love to eat right up.

Hillary Clinton represents the idea that the mere election of a woman as president of the United States will somehow end sexism in the workplace and inequality in the rest of our society. This mirrors the false expectations of the election of Barack Obama in 2008, the notion that our job is done and racism is over. Of course Obama's election was an historic moment, however it was not the end of the line, but only the beginning of a new chapter in this country.

"An Obama presidency does not herald the end of racism in America. Obama isn't 'post-racial.' He isn't the messiah whose coming ends bigotry and inequality for all time," wrote Pulitzer prize-winning columnist Cynthia Tucker, in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution newspaper shortly after Obama's election in November 2008.

"He'll just be the president."

Clinton not only represents the false notion that a woman president of any idealogy will break the barriers to opportunity for all women, she also represents the smug, authoritarian, elitist notion that success is defined by wealth and power, that it isn't the artists, musicians, innovators, rebels, writers, scientists, philosophers, nurses, teachers, tradespeople, or activists that get the job done, but instead the captains of industry who can teach us all a lesson, if only we would just sit down, behave and listen. We should all admire them for hoarding as much wealth as they can. After all they "earned" it.

The $353,000 ticket her campaign waved in front of supporters to try to entice them to compete for a chance to set a lowly foot into George and Amal Clooney's home and meet the anointed one herself was a prime example of this cultural disconnect. Who wouldn't jump at this chance, figured the campaign.

Prominent women activists, writers, leaders, and politicians have taken Clinton to task about her stance on raising the minimum wage, on fracking, and on selling out our natural resources to the highest bidder, not to mention her insistence that an only slightly tweaked Affordable Healthcare Act would suffice to allow millions of Americans healthcare.

Her plans to help recent grads with student loan repayment amount to little more than a continuation of what is currently in place with Income Based Repayment under the Obama administration.

She is against making public colleges and universities free, which would provide millions of low income women a secure foundation of higher education and could lead to higher paying jobs and a more stable future. Dismissing the idea that she doesn't want to make college free "for Donald Trump's kids", Clinton proves how out of touch she is with the reality that the majority of young American men and women in need of a tuition-free college education do not possess the unlimited spending power of the Trumps.

Most recently, she claimed again to be one of us by recounting the story of how she was making $14,000 a year in 1973 working for the Children's Defense Fund. A salary of $14,000 a year in the 1970's would not have put most people into hardship.

"Today, that $14,000 translates into $74,464 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics' inflation calculator. That would place her in the top 8% of today's income distribution," writes Les Leopold for Alternet.

Supporters of Clinton explain how they will shed tears if she wins and offer vague platitudes of how she would have overcome all of her haters. They describe her as "badass", able to take anything, they "don't have to like her", she's been through so much. We should all give her her turn, since she's been "ready" and waiting so patiently. Isn't it "about time"?

If you bring up the multitude of underhanded and unsavory dealings the Clinton Foundation and her revolving door of Wall Street campaign donors have committed, you are just not ready for a woman president. You are "a dreamer" whose ideal society consists of puppies and rainbows, a college education for all, and the radical idea that you could see a doctor without going bankrupt.

But, let's get "back to the issues".

Nevermind that Clinton herself has never personally faced the realities of poverty, disability or racism. Everything in her adult life has been carefully calculated to aid her ambitions and her husband's. But her supporters still believe "she fights for us." Even though her closest friends and allies are a who's who of lobbyists, Wall Street cronies, and establishment puppets whose idea of serving the public amounts to: one for you and two for me.

She speaks to black protesters and young activists in a condescending and dismissive manner, allowing her supporters to wink and nod along with the joke. Her latest display was in full effect with her role in the idiotic quip of "cp time" or colored people time, but wait that's not what she said, it was "cautious politician time". Because as Hillary wants everyone to know : I'm not really a racist, isn't it funny to pretend that I am? I can joke about black people, because I am so much like you that I am practically black.

Or, I can be just like your Abuela, if you are Latino.

Hey, don't forget Bill played the sax on that black guy's talk show once in the 90's, so he's been virtually accepted as black.

"Why don't you go run for something then?"

You don't need to know what Hillary said in her speeches to Wall Street audiences, because you aren't part of that club and that's okay. You never will be, we can't all be part of it. That's just the way politics works. Be a realist, be a pragmatist and accept it. This is why we elect politicians to know more than us, surely you understand that?

But don't worry Hillary will take care of you and stand up for you and tell Lloyd Blankfein to "cut it out" on your behalf, because she understands your struggles. She told you this. It doesn't matter that what you see of her doesn't correlate with what she says. If you don't trust her, you must be anti-woman. Wall Street just loves her so much they can't help but throw money at her. Who would refuse it, isn't that what makes America great? Besides, they know she'll be tough with them, they just love to give her wads of cash out of the goodness of their hearts.

And if you're a young person, you probably aren't doing your research because you're very impressionable and naive. Just "read the articles". It's laughable to Hillary that you would even want to know about her environmental stance or why her foundation accepts money from environmentally destructive industries. She's sick and tired of being answerable to voters on this. How dare they ask about this over and over again?

Hillary doesn't care that you can Google the favors she's advocated for on behalf of her wealthy and politically connected foreign friends. But she sure loves fashion, just like you. You have to collect all her designer inspired campaign wear. She's the Kardashian candidate. All Hillary has to do is ride the subway for 2 stops with Secret Service and camera crews in tow, shake a couple of hands, and pinch a baby's cheek and you'll love her all over again. Celebrities: they're just like us. Bill even said they've gone to the grocery store in their neighborhood. Imagine that.