The Ugly (Little) Truth About the 'American' Church

The Ugly (Little) Truth About the American' Church
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If no one else will say it, I will. It’s interesting that you mention revival is coming because Donald Trump is now president.

As I recall, it was the Body of Christ (well, Evangelicals to be exact), who led the charge and were the example to the world of the worst kind of dishonor and disrespect ever launched against an elected president (and you’re surprised there’s an uproar now). I’ll interject Galatians 6:7 here, since we love to quote it. As my husband so eloquently stated, “You can’t sow seeds of division and reap a harvest of solidarity.” It’s a spiritual law. We, of all people, should know this.

But before I go any further, I need to state that not all of my Evangelical brothers and sisters behaved this way. Some of you were upright and holy, and received criticism when you tried to tell the others this wasn’t the way to go. That this wasn’t what Jesus would do! I regret you weren’t able to convince them though. It’s a shame you had to sit there and listen to all the hate from the very ones who were the so called proponents of spreading love. Then there were those of you who silently went along (willingly and unwillingly), not even knowing why.

Let’s recap. The very night President Barack Hussein Obama was elected; many of you led the charge and went after him with an animosity that was never seen before, unless of course you consider what has always happened in our history (to African-Americans who have been trailblazers in anything). Moreover, this was done before he had put any policies in place.

He was of outstanding character, college-educated, had a stellar resume, loving and faithful husband, doting father, honorable son . . . I’ll stop there. So, I’m left to wonder if the reason why, was because - well, we all know. Just as African-Americans have always had to do in the past, bite our tongues, suppress our feelings, dust ourselves off, forgive and forget, and right the wrongs . . . we’ll do it again. God has graced us that way!

All I heard from you was unproven rhetoric and a witch hunt like I’d never seen before (which he never responded to) - opening the door for racism to have an open field day. And to add insult to injury, you looked down on, frowned upon, and made a sector of America feel as if something was wrong with them because they were proud and wanted to celebrate what they thought they’d never see in their lifetime . . . an African-American president of these divided United States! Let that one sink in.

Now we’re left with a new president . . . one of the least qualified, most dangerous, and vilest men to ever run for president, not to mention, hold the office (not by my opinion, but by his very own words and actions). Meanwhile, as you try to normalize, or even worse, justify his behavior. I’d have to admit though; he’s probably tied with Governor George Wallace. But, then again, I’ll at least give George Wallace a break for his honesty. In addition, he did repent. He was in fact the face of what racism was in America then . . . open and proud. President Trump however, is the face of racism, sexism, fascism and religionism in America now . . . hidden behind a façade, as if America is too dumb to recognize.

Just as we (black America) have always had to do, forgive and move on - from slavery, Jim Crow, the Civil Rights movement, Charleston nine, to name a few - we’ll do it again. We’ll take the high road, and I say that with humility.

You can move over now - we’ll lead the charge. We’ll be the example and show you how to do it. (This statement came from a prophetic word given to my husband by God.)

With every president we’ve had since the inception of this country, we’ve had to follow the Bible and live under it. And as with all the others . . . we’ll do exactly the same.

Because Trump is now our president, we’ll show him the honor (that comes with the office, not based on his character), whether we agree with him or not and despite the fact he led the charge of dishonoring President Obama. And, we’re actually going to pray for him (his salvation and all). We’ll also pray that if his heart is pure, it’ll be exposed and if it’s not, he’ll be exposed. That’s how you put it in God’s hands.

What saddens me though, is that your time ran out to show our former president, Barack Obama, the respect and honor you (the moral majority) should have given him eight years ago (whether you agreed with him or not). You had eight years to be the example to this nation, eight whole years to usher in the revival, eight years to demonstrate to this country how to walk in love, eight years to show this country (that in spite of our differences) we can still show respect . . . but you failed. And to make matters worse, you presented us a man who showed us he had no intentions of doing those things either. I was counting on you to do the right(eous) thing.

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And you think revival is coming? Oh it’s coming alright, but not because Trump is in office. No ma’am and no sir. It’s coming because God has given the Body of Christ yet another chance to show the world how we roll. But you can step aside, you’ve had eight years. No one is listening. Unless of course, you count those who are in your circle, who believe like you and think the same way you do. But according to you, they’re already grafted in . . . so they’re good. My concern, are the ones who need to hear the Message, but unfortunately, can’t and won’t hear it from you because you’ve Americanized it and mixed it with your own ideology.

My intent is not to offend, but for us to honestly look at our (the Church’s) role in what’s occurring in our country today (see above meme). We don’t need to have a discussion (not yet). We’ve discussed until we’re blue in the face. A conversation needs to be had though - not between each other - but between us and our God. We need to ask Him for forgiveness and ask Him to show us how to have the heart of Christ . . . for real! Not for some policies, but for people!! Then we can have a meaningful conversation.

And for those of you who have been on the side of justice, I hope this message resonates with you. Let’s continue to fight injustice, speak the truth (in love), and move forward (in unity), so the revival can finally come. And for everyone else . . . we’d love to have you join us, we’ll be waiting on you! There’s room for us all!

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