The UK and Silicon Valley "Gender Imbalance Problem" Needs THIS Solution.

Gender Equality in the Technology Industry Starts With #10TRAITS Trait-Balancing
Gender Equality in the Technology Industry Starts With #10TRAITS Trait-Balancing

Britain’s TECH problem is the same as the US technology industry’s problem. What’s the problem? The mission of the UK's Tech Talent Charter is to correct the gender imbalance in the technology industry. It now has 90 signatories including most recently the BBC and the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) . The solution is a three part solution that has been successfully tested at the Alexia Parks 10TRAITS Institute in Boulder, CO.

To correct the gender imbalance in the technology industry, organizations need to take this first step. They need to shift their TALENT focus from gender to TRAITS. However, not just any trait will do. What they’re looking for are 10 specific traits that will solve the gender imbalance problem. At the 10TRAITS Leadership Institute, our research scholars have selected 10 masculine and feminine traits - 20 traits in all - that have been drawn from a dozen fields of science. Unlike binary labels such as hero/villain or winner/loser, these 10 pairs of traits are non-binary. The non-binary traits we use in our training programs are complementary, equal, and opposite. They have been selected from a diverse field including: neurobiology, split brain research, evolutionary psychology, and both cultural and physical anthropology.

One example of non-binary traits is: risk taking and risk averse. When both of these traits are included in a decision-making team, we refer to this as “trait-balancing.”

This is a first step in the right direction. The goal in taking this first step is to correct the gender imbalance in organizational decision-making. When decision-making is *trait-balanced* from from top to bottom in an organization, gender balance will follow. If you ASK, I will happy to share our #10TRAITS structural framework that makes this first step easy.

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