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The Ultimate Chic Mom Baby Gear Wish List

It's said that over 300,000 babies are born in the month of July every year, and that number increases in August. Summertime is baby time, and there's a good chance you or somebody you know is either a newly minted mom or about to have her own bundle of joy.
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It's said that over 300,000 babies are born in the month of July every year, and that number increases in August. Summertime is baby time, and there's a good chance you or somebody you know is either a newly minted mom or about to have her own bundle of joy.

Just the same, it's no surprise that baby gear has become ultra chic and stylish. We're in an era where design and aesthetic has permeated every corner of our world. From the technology we make our mobile phone calls on to the food we purchase at the store, chic is everywhere, and there's no doubt that ultra stylish baby gear has not joined the mix. Products combine function and style, as well as ease of use, intelligent features well-thought out with moms in mind, and especially light weight sizes and more.

What are the hot baby products on every chic mom's wish list? We asked and scouted new parents from across all ages. Here's what's on their list:

1. A heavy duty diaper pail: You think those nappies won't create any odors in the home, but while babies might be small, they certainly hold no punches when it comes to dirty diapers. Today's diaper pails combine design with pure, sheer intelligence: brushed, coated steel, vapor locks and other tight sealing, and require no special bags for use. Our test moms named Ubbi as their favorite must-have, for its color options and chic style. But the classic Diaper Genie was still one moms want.

2. A lightweight, easy to use playpen: Babies love playing and a great playpen keeps little ones safe while allowing them independent play time. Moms let things done around the house, everybody wins. The moms in our group love the Breeze Playyard from 4moms. One swift move opens or shuts it, no directions or effort required. Grab the waterproof sheets to keep its accompanying mattress clean and protected from whatever your little one brings on.

3. A high-rated car seat: Two different car seats came up among the mom group here. While safety and security is the only priority for this baby item, several manufacturers are now incorporating design elements to their products. Uppa Baby's Mesa infant seat ranks high for ease of use, scores high on safety tests and gives double duty as a stroller with addition of the company's adaptors. For older babies, Britax Boulevard or Advocate were on the list. Like many products for babies today, both have the ability to adjust as your child grows.

4. Natural, organic and eco-friendly baby care products: Diapers, wipes and other essentials in natural, organic and eco-friendly materials and ingredients are high on mom priorities today. Everyone loves Honest Company, in part for its easy access -- you'll find products in many stores as well as online. Earth Mama Angel Baby also came up on wish lists from moms here as well.

5. A multi-functional baby carrier: The baby carrier options have exploded in terms of new products, and moms everywhere of all ages are favoring many different types. Natural fabric slings are a common 'it' item, but many of the moms here are gravitating towards carriers that also offer baby support. Baby Bjorn's Baby Carrier One was high on the want-list for its ability to carry a child from newborn to three years, four different carrying options and chic design. Beco's Gemini was a similar favorite for its features and function. Baby Bjorn's also recently introduced infant and baby kitchen items that moms in the group mentioned.

6. Stylish high chairs, bouncers and baby seats: Form and function is also a big one in baby seats and chairs of all kinds. Long gone are the days of the clunky, heavy plastic and metal options many of us had as babies ourselves. Like many of the other products in baby gear today, chairs often adjust as kids grow, or have multi-function features like the ability to convert the bouncer into a high chair, and more. Stokke's Tripp Trap high chair has developed a bit of a cult-like following for its design and function, not to mention it's available in a range of colors like natural wood. The moms here also like the Tiny Love Take Along bouncer and 3-in-1 Rocker. Bumbo's multi-seat was also one that came up frequently as a mom want-item.

7. A stylish baby bag: With so much style and design incorporated into baby gear today, of course the stylish baby bag is also popular. Kate Spade's Stevie bag topped the list for its chic look and function. In fact, one of the moms in our group received hers as a gift from her husband just before their baby was born. Skip Hop's Duo bag, particularly in the fun chevron print, was on a lot of lists as well.