The Ultimate Guide on How to Find a Financial Advisor

There is so much financial advice out there. Trying to find the right person to trust is intimidating.

It's no wonder why more and more people are turning to the internet to learn how to find a financial advisor that is best for them.

But how? Professionals who claim to provide the same types of financial advice have different names, different ways of being paid, and different certifications after their name.

Who's reputable? How should they get paid? How much should they get paid? Where do I find these individuals? They're all valid questions.

Many people turn to their friends, family members, and colleagues to ask them who they use and if they are happy.

Sadly, even if your aunt uses a financial advisor "nine in ten consumers believe their financial advisor places their interests ahead of their own" when only about 25% of financial advisors are actually obligated to do so.

So aunt Karen might have an advisor that she likes but why? Sure an advisor that answers your phone calls is nice but what if you're paying them 3% of all your investment assets every year? The least they can do is pick up the phone.

So, how do you find a financial advisor that you know is reputable and places your interests first?

You can find many resources on the internet, but very few give you all the details. After a reading a few articles, you end up hearing the same advice over and over and it leaves you with more questions than answers.

After being in the industry for years, I've studied thoroughly the art and science of finding a financial advisor. Trying to understand all the things they can do for you is almost impossible to describe in a few marketing materials, but the best way to describe it is by telling you a few stories.

I've put together the full Ultimate Guide on How to Find a Financial Advisor so that anyone will know exactly why they need financial advice, if they need financial advice, who should provide that advice, and where to find it. It takes you through all the questions you need answered before searching for someone that is best for you and then gives you the questions you should ask the advisor before hiring them.

Finding a financial advisor is placing trust in someone who may be a part of your life until long after you're gone. They can show you how to use your resources wisely, avoid mistakes that people make everyday, and take advantage of opportunities you never realized were there.

Do your homework. It's worth the time an effort. Start by finding the right advisor for you by reading the full guide here.