The Ultimate Guide to Effective Every Door Direct Mail Campaign

The Ultimate Guide to Effective Every Door Direct Mail Campaign
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Innovations and breakthroughs are what keeps life from taking up a dull routine and the frenzy that surrounds the next big thing keeps companies on their toes striving to improve and improvise.

The art of printing has witnessed many dramatic developments not only through the invention of efficient tools to improve the quality of printing but innovations like 3D printing (additive manufacturing) have revolutionized the mainstream. Today digital printing is leading the industry as it takes ample advantage of modern technology, producing accurate results, better quality, and more eco-friendly products. These along with other advantages that place it ahead in the game.

Printmakers around the world are providing multifarious services to customers ranging from personal invites & announcements to professional cards & brochures, with the latest edition been the Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) service.

What is EDDM ?

EDDM is a program offered by USPS catering to local and small businesses and working to advertise their product on a budget making this… the ultimate cost effective way. This is most suitable for businesses reaching out within a targeted area, making use of efficient carrier routes, as your idea gets pitched to almost everyone in your surroundings. Easy and affordable, EDDM seems the ideal way to grow your business.

In a world that has become prone to everything online, the shift to basic mail is welcomed as a revival by businesses expecting to connect with customers on a level that encourages dialogue.

Moreover reaching people at their doorsteps prompts instant response and promises a lasting customer engagement which is a positive sign for any business. Apart from other notable traits EDDM carries four specific advantages:

1. Reach:

Targeting your consumers and reaching out to them to ensure that your message is well received and reaps response, productive to your venture is made easy with EDDM. As it provides you the luxury of selecting relevant zip codes and carrier routes making targeted outreach possible.

2. Flexibility:

Not having to choose how you want to put out your message for the public is a definite downer however EDDM is flexible to provide a space that suits your purpose. Be it a small format that is all catchy and on point or a larger space that can extensively put out details about your product or service, the range of postcard sizes available are designed to cater to every message format.

3. Value.

Eliminating the hassle of purchasing lists or mailing permits while requiring a meager postage price, the program is downright reasonable for the average business owner.

4. Effective.

Blending the old and the new creates a unique and effective aura that is bound to appeal to the aesthetics of your target customers. A design that reflects your thoughts, laid out in quality print and ebbed in colors that ignite the senses, is guaranteed to receive exposure along with possibilities of a response that lasts.

Your Printing Partner Can Make All the Difference

With a business that is slowly building ground and demands your attention, it is important to prioritize your time whether you own a motorcycle souvenir site or a large clothing brand and make sure that you don't obsess going over your EDDM campaign. Instead of taking the entire burden look up a printer that can manage all facets of an EDDM campaign.

It is important to search out one that provides you sufficient services topped with superior class finish :

1. Printing capabilities.

Find out a print shop that features services for both digital and offset printing so it’s easy to choose if you want smaller quantities or larger runs personalized to order.

2. Route selection.

It is important to choose a printer that saves you the hassle of tiring searches to locate neighborhoods suitable for your campaign by providing you route search tool within the ordering process.

3. Delivery service.

It would be impossible to manage your business if you are running around with bundles of mail waiting to be delivered to USPS. A printer that provides delivery service to the postal office can help ease your hardships.

4. Regulatory expertise.

A printer that understands the specific bundling and mailing requirements for EDDM and has employees acquainted with the rules and regulations of EDDM will certify a smooth campaign.

Presently printers like blockbuster print, print for less and primo print are some of the leading service providers in EDDM. Relying on professionals will relieve you of the excess baggage while they oversee work from print, process to delivery.

Now, once you come to terms with how EDDM can work to your benefit you can move to the most substantial part of choosing appropriate subject matter for the mail. In order to get the maximum of ROI you need to focus on the following areas:


If it ain't looking good, it ain't worth looking at… in the end, it all comes down to the actual design. This is one area you don't want to hold back on. A design that shouts swag and colors that dazzle is sure to intrigue customers.


From the first sentence to the last word, keep it compact, concise and catchy. Even if you're working with the larger postcards, refrain from going overboard with words. People don't like to read a lot so only put what is necessary and what customers can find relatable.


Marketing is the most vital but tricky tool to work with so while trying new things keep your concepts clear about what you want and how you want it. You may embellish the overall design but the message needs to be clear for your customer to understand what to do and where to look.

EDDM is the new approach to market your idea and see it delivered to people’s doorsteps. A thoroughly planned out EDDM campaign can ensure that your message will have maximum reach and a favorable response.

An old idea revolutionized to meet the new market has opened possibilities for local business and small ventures. Can you think of some other marketing strategies that can be applied to expand outreach? Share your views in the comment box below…

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