The Ultimate List Of Cheap Vacation Resources

The Ultimate List Of Cheap Vacation Resources

There are hundreds, maybe even thousands of travel websites and apps all claiming to be the best, but which ones are really worth your time and how do you really find the best deal?

Once and for all, here is a list broken down into how they can be best used to go on your dream vacation at a fraction of the price.

Obviously we first have to start with the big guys everyone's heard of: TripAdvisor, Kayak, Expedia and Orbitz. They're well-known for a reason but what are they really good at and what else do they do that you should know about?

The Major Players

A fantastic tool for travel search which trolls hundreds of sites to find you the best deals. The lack of bells and whistles really streamlines the search process and makes for a good user experience. One thing to note though is that it's not actually a booking tool and as soon as you choose a flight/hotel etc, it will push you externally to make the reservation and pay. One thing you might not have realized is that it can also be used as a wonderful exploration tool that lets you virtually roam the world in search of cheap travel destinations.

Easy to navigate, Expedia is a leader in the field of budget travel booking. One tool on the sight that doesn't get enough credit is the Scratchpad which automatically saves your searches. This can save you a bunch of time so you don't have to type in search criteria every time you're price checking for your upcoming vacation.

The site to go for when looking for crowdsourced peer reviews of anything from tourist attractions to hotels, flights and restaurants. A feature that is mostly unknown to the common user is the GreenLeaders program TripAdvisor started where you can search for environmentally hotels that have been certified as "green".

Infamously known for poor customer service, this deal site is best for last minute deals and their commitment to eradicate booking fees. What you might not have know is that they have an Orbitz loyalty program in which you earn flexible credits toward hotel bookings far superior to the more well-known travel rewards programs.

The Lesser-Known Sites You Should Use

Newsletters Worth Signing Up For
TravelZoo: A weekly email of great deals
Expedia: For those who want a daily dose of deals

Who To Follow On Twitter For Travel Inspiration and Deals
For a full list, go here.

It was hard to narrow down the list so if you want to learn about more the top new apps for travel, apps and websites that will help feed your wanderlust or the best travel apps for cruisers check out these other blogs and posts.

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