The Ultimate Movie Spit-Take Reel (VIDEO)

WATCH: The Ultimate Movie Spit-Take Reel

Ah, the spit-take. One of the most time-honored techniques in the physical comedy playbook. Whether it's due to an unexpected comment or an unexpected taste, sometimes that liquid you just took a sip of simply cannot stay in your mouth. But oh what a moment it makes for, and oh how many movies have been enriched by such moments.

Jack Brawn has the honor of owning the first spit-take committed to celluloid with 1906's "Dream of a Rarebit Fiend" (check out the 2:31 mark), and since then the spit-take tradition has been proudly carried on by such luminaries as Gene Wilder, Jeff Goldblum, and the nerdy kid from "Can't Hardly Wait". By our count the record holder for most movie spit-takes is Brendan Fraser with three (two in "Monkeybone," one more in "The Mummy"), while Arsenio Hall has the rare distinction of being the only actor to perform a spit-take in direct response to a character also played by Arsenio Hall.

Without further ado, we invite you to come along and join us as we spit-take our way through the movies!


Video produced by HuffPost's Ben Craw

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