The Ultimate Place To Practise Yoga: Chiang Mai

The Ultimate Place To Practise Yoga: Chiang Mai
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At times we need to take a break from life and wind down doing an activity that is relaxing to the body and mind. One such activity is yoga in Chiang Mai Thailand. Chiang Mai is located in Northern Thailand which is renowned for its mountains.

The region is exotic which offers a quiet and serene environment that ensures people who choose this region get to enjoy the scenery, as they practice their yoga. The tranquillity of this region enables you to forget about all the stresses in your life.

Chiang Mai is a perfect holiday destination. This is because they have well established yoga retreat centres. This also offers people a chance to interact with other people since tourists from all over the world flock to this city in pursuit of holiday homes.

Yoga retreats are well established in Chiang Mai complete with Yoga learning sessions that are spread throughout the day. These programmes also incorporate other activities such as massage treatments and packages of spas. The region also has a wide variety of activities from which a tourist can choose such as rock climbing. This ensures that the vacation is a complete package that ensures you are relaxed.

There are several studios from which one may choose to take their Yoga classes.

Yoga Kuukan

This studio is located in the North side of the city. This place is great since they offer individualised services. This therefore means that services are offered based on a customer’s physical condition. This place is best suited for those who want to perfect their body postures. They offer classes in Yoga flow, Yin Yoga, Chi Kung, Somatic Yoga and Tai Chi.

Yoga Tree

It is located on Arak Road in the old city (west). The place is peaceful and the place is set in green gardens, which offer the best environment for relaxing. They offer individualised classes for beginners in yoga, foundation level classes, Yoga Dynamic flow and Yoga gentle. On top of this, they offer classes in Pilates and Biodanza. They teach the classes in English by qualified Yoga teachers. They also offer occasional retreats where they invite international teachers to take the trainers through Yoga sessions.

Wild Rose Yoga

The Wild Rose Yoga is located south of Chiang Mai at Phraproklao. This place is best suited for people seeking advance yoga, intermediate yoga or dynamic classes. Yoga styles taught here include Fusion Vinyasa, Anusara and Astanga. They occasionally offer classes for Yoga teachers.

Namo Yoga

This yoga spot is located on the eastern side of Chiang Mai at Moon Muang. This place is known for offering massage courses, Ayurveda therapy and kirtan. They offer these services at pocket friendly prices.

They are located near the famous Thapae gate. They offer classes for yogis at all levels ranging from beginners to experienced students. They have experienced teachers who are dedicated to their work, ensuring that trainees are attended to well. In addition to that the facility has a healthy café, which prepares delicacies and juice from locally produced farm products which are tasteful and nutritious. One can enjoy the meal from the studio’s garden. Their Yoga classes run from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. They organise workshops occasionally, such as the Hatha Yoga that incorporates the Thai Buddhist meditation.

Chiang Mai is the destination of choice for a vacation that is both relaxing and enjoyable.

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