The Ultimate Provo, Utah, Road Trip Playlist

Spotify figured out what people in this Western city are listening to.
HuffPost is hitting the road this fall to interview people about their hopes, dreams, fears ― and what it means to be American today.

Spotify has curated playlists reflecting the local flavor of each stop on HuffPost’s “Listen to America” tour using location-based data to find out what people are really listening to in 20-plus cities. Check back for more from Sept. 12 through Oct. 30.

A sweeping landscape dotted with natural water features leaves little reason to spend much time indoors in Provo, Utah, but a surprisingly lively local music scene might make it worth your while. Synth-rock outfit Neon Trees, which “expertly maps the territory separating the Killers, the Strokes and Franz Ferdinand,” according to Billboard, hail from here along with some other indie-pop music makers: Fictionist, Desert Noises and The National Parks. The Moth and the Flame, now based in Los Angeles, got their start in Provo, too, alongside Lake Island, which Paste magazine once called an “Americanized Sigur Rós or a more guitar-inclined Radiohead.”

People in and around the hometown of Brigham Young University have a distinctive preference for certain instrumental and global performers. The Piano Guys and Debussy are popular here, but so is the Brazilian DJ Tropkillaz, South Korean singer Kim Kyung Hee and several LA artists ― LANY and 3thvn among them. Some Top 40 tracks popular here round out the playlist:

Spotify playlists for the “Listen to America” campaign were created by looking at each location’s most popular songs (streaming in the highest numbers at time of publication), distinctive songs (currently being streamed more in this city compared to all other cities in the world) and tracks from local artists. While many picks are data-driven, some songs are handpicked from data lists to assure the playlists reflect a variety of genres and decades, as well as a healthy gender balance.