The Ultimate Scammer Is This Woman On 'The Bachelor' Faking An Australian Accent

"Respect. Get that Sugar Bear Hair money girl!" one fan wrote on Twitter.

A contestant on the upcoming season of ABC’s “The Bachelor” is making waves in a promotional clip that shows her greeting bachelor Colton Underwood with a fake Australian accent.

“You’ve got a nice accent. Where are you from?” Underwood asks in the clip, released ahead of the reality dating show’s Monday season premiere.

“The accent, it’s Australian, I was hoping that you’re kind of a sucker for accents,” answers the contestant, Brianna, who goes by Bri.

Note that she says “the accent, it’s Australian” ― not that she’s from Australia.

Underwood admits he is indeed a sucker for an accent and says he loves it. The very next moment we see Bri telling the audience in an unremarkable American accent that she’s not really Australian, but “you have to do what you can to stand out.”

WHAT?! Who is Bri and what is going on? Damn, the producers of this series really know how to pick them.

Bri’s bio on the show’s website provides little on her background, but certainly indicates she’s, uh, quirky. She’s 24, from Southern California, works as a model, and claims to be “much more than a pretty face.” She says she played soccer for eight years, enjoys hiking, camping and snowboarding, and has a fear of farting too loudly on dates.

Whether any of that is true is undetermined, because right now we believe NOTHING Bri says or does. Not a great basis for a love affair, Bri, but you do you.

The scammy accent has people on Twitter in a tizzy:

Season 23 of “The Bachelor” premieres Monday on ABC at 8 p.m.