The Ultimate Side-Hustle Gift Guide For 2019

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For some people, having a side hustle means working a second job. For others, it’s about building skills to move into a better position. This holiday season, we’ve come up with some ideas for the hard workers in your life who are looking for ways to get ahead. Here’s a list of online courses that offer a variety of lessons for your beloved side hustlers.

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For your entrepreneurial friends who want to start a new business, this Bizplan lifetime subscription provides step-by-step lessons on organizing massive projects, creating business plans, collaborating with stakeholders and more. Get it on sale for $49.

With professional themes and thousands of pre-designed elements for customization, this Page Builder Pro lifetime subscription lets non-coders develop creative websites. The designs work on both desktop and mobile, and they’re SEO-optimized. The simple editor will save your busy friends loads of time. Get it on sale for $39.

This 11-course project management bundle can help your career-driven friend get started on amassing the skills he or she needs to land a more lucrative position. The courses offer training in JIRA, Kanban, Agile and others, and they help prepare aspiring project managers for essential certification exams. Get the course pack on sale for $29.

Social media plays a huge role in many people’s lives, connecting them to family and friends and providing a lower barrier to entry for some budding entrepreneurs. Know someone who wants to make, market and monetize content on Instagram and YouTube? This 30-hour training bundle will introduce them to the business opportunities on these popular social media sites. Get it on sale for $29.

Your friend who’s always wanted to learn to code, but is running low on free time, will love this 30-hour crash course. It covers all the essential programming languages such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, and Python. The software license allows access to 288 lectures totaling 30.5 hours. Get it on sale for $12.


From creating compelling presentations to party planning, graphic design skills are useful for work and life. This 41-hour Graphic Design + Adobe CC Certification School teaches how to use some of the Adobe tools, including Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign. The Adobe software is not included in the price and will have to be purchased separately. Get the course pack on sale right now for $39.

Becoming more productive at work isn’t always intuitive. The Ultimate Productivity Bundle, which includes eight courses, offers tips and tricks to help you boost your output and pave the way for success in whatever field you choose to pursue. Get it on sale right now for $36.

The How to Start a Podcast Bundle is designed to help novice podcasters understand audio storytelling and attract listeners to build a brand. The bundle features four courses, totaling 57 hours, and is taught by a panel of experts who have successful podcasts of their own ― think “This American Life” and “The School of Greatness.” Get it on sale right now for $19.

Got an outdoorsy friend who recently bought a DSLR camera? This outdoor photography training bundle, taught by professional photographers, will show them how to beautifully memorialize their outdoor adventures through the lens. It features 35 hours of instruction in everything from capturing animals in their natural habitats to making the most out of natural light. Get it on sale for $29.

Managing invoices, loans, revenues and expenses is a must-have skill for those who want to start their own business. That’s where this Complete QuickBooks Guru Bundle can help. This bundle of seven courses will offer critical lessons on payroll, bookkeeping and taxes. Get this bundle right now for $29.