The 'Ultimatum' Finale And Reunion Had Some Big Shockers

The Netflix show's messy season proved the show is great TV — but it's bad for relationships.

Well, this season of “The Ultimatum: Queer Love” was quite the ride.

After living with their trial partners for three weeks and back again with their original partner for three weeks, the five couples were faced with the decision of whether they’d marry the person they came with or break up. In the finale, which felt abrupt after eight episodes of chaos, four couples got engaged while one relationship ended (two if you count Yoly and Xander’s split).

But the heat really turned up for the reunion where we learned who’s still together and who broke up, among other drama.

Taryn Finley and Erin E. Evans break it all down in this final conversation to wrap up the season.

The Biggest Surprises From 'The Ultimatum' Reunion

I’ll say this, I was SHOCKED that Sam and Aussie were still together. This is one of those “you like it, I love it” situations, and that’s really all I have to say about that. — Erin

Almost everybody who needed to break up broke up. That’s wonderful. I don’t say that sarcastically, either. “The Ultimatum” is great TV but it’s bad for relationships. The premise of it is just unhealthy and doesn’t really solve the issues the original couples come in with. In fact, it exacerbates them and creates new ones.

That said, this reunion was GOOD. I’m so glad it wasn’t live and Netflix didn’t try any experimental stunts with it. Yet again, however, I really wish they would’ve gotten a queer host for this show. There were a few missed opportunities to dive into conversations in the way only someone of the community could do. But, it was still great TV and extremely slept on. — Taryn

This Reveal At The 'Ultimatum' Reunion Was Shocking

Honestly, I couldn’t stand Mildred the whole season, so I am glad she is no longer with Tiff. Mildred talks over people, and that annoys me to no end — and per the reunion, even resorts to violence when things get too complicated. I hope they both find ways to heal after this. — Erin

Mildred is honestly wild for the shit she pulled. I truly feel bad for Tiff. Though we knew their relationship was toxic, finding out about it also being abusive was a shocker. I hope they heal, too, Erin. I don’t blame Tiff for leaving the reunion. I do, however, wish that the conversation surrounding their physical altercation would’ve come with a trigger warning or message for the audience. — Taryn

This 'Ultimatum' Couple Took Us On A Rollercoaster Ride

So Mal proposed during the finale, which isn’t surprising, but I didn’t expect Yoly to say, “Yes.” Judging by the way Yoly was moving with Xander, just head over heels, it felt like Yoly was leaning more toward Xander. And it might’ve been just me, but Mal’s efforts to win Yoly over, along with her proposal speech, felt a bit performative. It didn’t feel like her heart was all the way there 100%. And I didn’t expect it to be because if you have to give your partner an ultimatum for anything, you have to take it with a grain of salt if they oblige. Mal didn’t want her relationship with Yoly to end, so she appeased her instead of getting to the root of their relationship insecurities and working them out.

So when Mal announced that they were “happily broken up” at the reunion, I wasn’t surprised, but my jaw was on the ground, baby. These two had fundamental issues from jump. And going through a process where boundaries get pushed beyond the limit like this is the last thing the relationship needed. I honestly feel bad for Mal. I couldn’t imagine having to watch my partner fall in love with someone else on TV and to the point where Yoly was literally chasing down Xander after rejecting her. This was all such a hot mess. — Taryn

Whew, watching that proposal was so tough. I feel like I could be cool with Mal IRL and only want the best for her. As a hopeless romantic, I initially was rooting for them to stay together because I do think the love there is real. But Mal deserves someone who loves her fully and someone who won’t jump out of the relationship at the first cutie who walks by and shows her some affection. I liked Yoly at first because she does seem to be a straight shooter, but she started to get on my nerves in Episode 8. I’m an indecisive girlie, but damn, her back and forth with Xander was really nauseating after a while.

Now! I had a strong feeling Mal and Yoly wouldn’t stay engaged — especially after Mal saw that footage from Ultimatum Day. I felt so bad for Mal, and her comments at the reunion — saying Yoly made her look dumb — just ruined me. I want Mal to find love — and I want Yoly to consider polyamory. — Erin

Vanessa Is All About Her Ego

I’m so proud of Xander for choosing herself and sticking to it! We’ve said this time and time again, but Vanessa is a manipulator and a narcissist. And Xander seems to be too good of a person to be with someone who thinks their shit doesn’t stink. Even in how Vanessa dealt with Xander telling her that she doesn’t want to marry her, there was something very ego-driven. Breakups always suck, and I don’t doubt that, but it was as if Vanessa was performing more than grieving the relationship. I’m happy Xander stuck to her decision and didn’t fall back under Vanessa’s spell after filming. At the reunion, you could tell there was a lot of love there. But there was a mountain of hurt, too. — Taryn

Yes! Vanessa is all about ego, and I hope she does some inner work on her issues. I definitely still think she went on the show to become an influencer or something — because in so many of the on-screen moments, I was like, this lady HAS to be joking! Xander seemed to have the most growth on the show, and I really appreciate how open and honest she was throughout. She just seemed like a genuine real person who randomly ended up on a reality show, and I love that. — Erin

Yoly Was Playing With Hearts On National TV

For what it’s worth, I loved seeing how affectionate Yoly and Xander were throughout the show. They seemed to find in each other the things they were lacking in their actual relationships. But baby, on Ultimatum Day, I was so turned off by how touchy-feely Yoly was with Xander after saying yes to Mal’s proposal. I was screaming at my TV. And then to find out that after all that, they decided that they weren’t going to actually be in a relationship after Mal and Yoly broke up? What a waste. — Erin

Same, Erin! I literally said Mal is not going to like this. Yoly pushed so many boundaries in her relationship with Xander. She may have been honest about her feelings with Mal, but she was nowhere near transparent or respectful. Hours after you say yes to marrying Mal, you’re chasing Xander up the driveway and saying you just lost the love of your life. Yoly, if you felt like that, you honestly should’ve just put the engagement on ice until you figured your shit out. Now, you up here playing with both Mal and Xander’s heart on national TV. I can’t feel that bad for you. — Taryn

This 'Ultimatum' Couple Will Surely Fizzle Out

This couple still gives me nothing. I really like Sam, and I really have admired her growth this season. She seems more empowered to make her voice heard, and I hope that continues. I also loved how she showed up for Tiff during the reunion. Aussie seems to want to do better for self and Sam. I just hope that there’s more to the engagement than empty promises.

As far as that little rock stunt? It couldn’t be me. I would literally chuck that rock into the woods. I really want better for Sam. I really do. — Taryn

It was super telling when Sam said that Aussie didn’t really know what it meant to be engaged. Aussie just seems to be in her own world, and I don’t get why Sam wants to deal with it. Sam showed a lot of growth throughout the season (and I loved how she was there for Tiff, too, in the reunion.) But this relationship seems like the type that will fizzle out. And I’ll be damned if I’m going to be in a marriage with someone who repeatedly walks out on me just because I ask them a question, like GTFOH. God bless them, though. — Erin

This 'Ultimatum' Couple Is Giving Fake It 'Til You Make It

It gave fake it ‘til you make it toward the end. I’m sorry, but the issues these two have could only be resolved by a break up. All along, Lexi wanted stability and for a partner to have her back as much as she had hers. And Rae was still unsure of what she wanted. Neither could really give what the other needed — and Lexi was very unfair to Rae along their ultimatum journey.

So when they got engaged at the end and were still together at the reunion, it seemed like maybe they were working things out in a mutually beneficial way, I assumed. I literally gagged when we learned that they broke up two weeks after the reunion. It’s honestly for the best, though. Go be young, Lexi! And go figure out what you want, Rae! — Taryn

OMG, so I was watching the show while working and as it ended I looked away and almost missed that final breakup line before the credits! I could not believe it when Rae got on one knee to propose. My jaw was on the floor. But like you said Taryn, Rae was so unsure of what she wanted and ended up just succumbing to the pressure and proposing. I do hope they remain friends, but I think both of them need to live a bit more life before settling down. — Erin

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