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The Uncomfortable Truth About Change

You realize that it's not about going from a size 16 to a size 10. It's about being successful in putting your health ahead of your emotions, every day. It's about the confidence that emerges when just a few months ago you felt lower than low.
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In the spirit of the upcoming New Year and the hullabaloo of resolutions, I feel an urge to help women be more successful in their efforts to get healthy this time around.

I'm a nutrition and health coach that helps women successfully change their life by improving their health, increasing their energy, and losing weight. But I want everyone that is considering 'I want to get healthy next year' to reconsider their decision to get healthy in 2016.

Unless you really mean it.

First of all, as you begin to read 'get healthy' and wonder what this means - I want you to think what it means to you, not your friend. Everyone's definition of healthy is different. For some of us it might mean to lose a minimum of 50lbs. For some of us it might mean less, but not much less. It might just mean not ending up like your dad or mom who died prematurely from heart disease or diabetes.

Regardless of what your definition is, the decision to get healthy is still a decision.

And that is the hardest part in change. It's the 'draw the line in the concrete, not sand' and commits to move forward, never looking back kind of decision that is needed to see this change.

You have to commit to this decision. It's not a wavering back and forth decision.
You either decide to change or you don't.

I have had several people approach me that thought they wanted to change. And after I have my initial conversation with them, I know they aren't ready. I try to put measures in place to help women realize the level of commitment that is needed to change by contracts, my price of coaching, and more. But still a few sneak in and they don't end up seeing success.

Because let me be really honest with you -

If you don't want to change, you won't.

If you really want to change, you will.

That's it. Really. That is the secret to life-long success in the decision you must make to change your health.

Do you know what change really looks like?

It means that you will have to be honest with yourself.

You won't be able to hide behind the "I didn't know's" or the "she/he didn't tell me". You won't be able to hide behind the excuses of not having anything healthy in your fridge. You won't be able to hide behind the excuse of not having any time to exercise.

It also means other things - like, the practical things:

It probably means that you will be eating more things that you've prepared than you've bought prepared, which takes time and energy to prepare.

It probably means that you will have to eat before you go to a party or a meeting, and not depend on what is served.

It probably means that you will have to exercise. And I don't just mean take the dogs for a walk. You will have to sweat. You will have to get your heart rate up so high that you will be out of breath.

And you know what - It's hard.

It's frustrating at times and a lot of days it can feel like failure more than success.

Those are just the tangible things that you will have to change about the way you schedule your day. What these changes represent is the hundreds of decisions that you will have to make now that you didn't have to make before - or at least didn't know you were making.

Decisions like I need to stop working on this assignment because I need to go workout during lunch - right now.

Decisions like not walking down the beer aisle and not going towards the ice cream freezer because you know that if you do, you'll be able to convince a vegan to eat bluebell it's so good.

Decisions like the realization that you will have to wake up earlier when no one else is awake. You'll have to exercise despite the weather forecast.

You also have plan ahead, which can take a lot of time until you get the hang of it.

You won't be able skip breakfast and not feel or see the consequences of it.

You might have to go to bed earlier because you are so exhausted that you can't Netflix binge.

When you make the decision to change your health, your life is completely different.

But above all - the hardest decision you'll have to make on a DAILY basis is to believe that your efforts are worth it.

It is hard work to get healthy and change your health, but it's even harder work to accept that all the effort is for you because you are important and worth investing in.

Success always comes in the smallest ways and builds momentum with every successful decision you make.

You begin feeling confident because you realize you are making the decisions needed.

You feel the energy that you once had - and it feels just as you remember it once feeling.

You are so proud of yourself, for your efforts, and could shout it from the mountain tops (a feeling that you may have forgotten about)

You realize that it's not about going from a size 16 to a size 10. It's about being successful in putting your health ahead of your emotions, every day. It's about the confidence that emerges when just a few months ago you felt lower than low.

If you missed everything and you only read this, read this slowly. Let it sink in and stay there.

You are worth the effort.

You always are. And when you are ready to make the decision to change, you will change.

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