The Uneasy feeling
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It seems like something that is difficult to shake. At every life stage we go through, we continuously have an uneasy feeling, and it's sort of there constantly in the background. Nagging us continuously creating doubt, fear and making us question our abilities. It is an invisible dialogue we have no matter how successful or confident things seem on the outside there is that ever pervading doubt.

I think this may be a survival mechanism, an animal instinct to always be on the lookout. Nobody likes to acknowledge this side of themselves, it puts you in a vulnerable spot. It's the social media world now, where what is posted is perfection, happy faces, continuous highs and good moments. We are bombarded with images and thoughts which make us feel like that is the true reality, when it is really just a small subset of positive emotions. What is shared is not the whole spectrum of sentiments or authenticity, not only is it a limited view, it is a filtered reality of that small window.

The human experience is very difficult to capture, we try in our own ways. Pictures, videos, writing, art yet nothing can ever describe emotions completely. There is always that part of our experience that only we know that only we live and that only we actually feel. That is our inner truth, our unfiltered reality.

That uneasy feeling is actually our reality that we ignore, that we consistently refuse to engage in discourse with. The participation of understanding yourself, your true inner self is the first step of spirituality. It is the step that seems the most difficult because we are so used to living externally, our image our reputation, our looks, everything creating noise from the true reality of who we really are, and what our real purpose in life is or should be.

Facing anything takes courage, but facing yourself is the most daunting task of all. It is why most refuse to do so and continuously live in a state of superficial reality. We create a numbing environment full of things around us, and put value on temporary objects. Our self-worth becomes less of the inner truth, rather more about what we can project to society.

Our worth is not in our things, it is not in our relationships, it is not in our accomplishments. Our worth is something we have within, that we are born with, it is just given to us for free and that is probably why we take it for granted. It is too simple so we make it complicated that is a gift we have as human beings, to complicate simple things.

The only way to cure the uneasy feeling is to embrace it, own it, and understand it. Applying the coating of acceptance will begin to bring some peace and contentment. In an otherwise noisy world silence is the key, it is the only truth.

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