The Unexpected And Powerful Story Of A Sex Worker Affected By The Rentboy Raid

The Unexpected And Powerful Story Of A Sex Worker Affected By The Rentboy Raid

On Tuesday, the Department of Homeland security raided the Manhattan offices of, arresting the company's CEO and six employees.

The raid, and its subsequent effect on the people who depended on income from sex work acquired through Rentboy, has generated a larger conversation about sex work decriminalization and an individual's agency over their body and actions.

In an effort to elevate this conversation, a video editor for and nightlife personality, Andy Boyce directed, shot and edited this video about Cockyboy model and sex worker Rob Yaeger.

Yaeger's story is powerful and emotional, as he uses the resources he makes through the sex work industry to care for his disabled partner of 16 years.

"I think it’s important that people see this film because it provides the viewer a personal story that shows the benefits of sex work in the face of so much intolerance from society’s outdated sense of morality," Boyce told The Huffington Post. "I think society is quick to judge escorting as not a 'real job' because they are uncomfortable with sex or they think it is purely exploitative. Although non-consensual sex work is completely wrong and should be persecuted, the fact that Rentboy was shut down when it was a consensual platform makes it completely injustice, in my opinion. By taking away a consensual platform for sex workers to conduct business, many are forced to resort to more unsafe methods of obtaining clients. The government needs to realize that not only is sex work a legitimate occupation, but also an occupation that can help people positively."

Check out the incredible short film above.

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