The United States of Apathy's Motto Is 'We Don't Care'

Americans don't care.

We don't care about voting unless we're convinced it's a "once in a lifetime" candidate.

We don't care about our outrageously expensive and often ineffective health care unless we are uninsured and sick.

We don't care that the economic crisis robbed us and future generations of "untraceable" billions unless we're unemployed.

We don't care that tax cuts for the wealthy are provided under the thin guise of "stimulating the economy" unless we are rich.

We don't care that the future of the middle class is being choked by declining support for education unless our children are illiterate.

We don't care about the homeless and the poor unless they are dying on our doorstep.

We don't care that our crime and incarceration rates are vastly higher than other wealthy countries unless we are a victim.

We don't care about America 's weak internal security unless we get attacked.

We don't care about the lives lost in Iraq and Afghanistan unless we have a relative or close friend there.

We don't care about religion unless a mosque is being proposed near Ground Zero.

America is truly exceptional in its ability to not care, although Americans do care about some things.

We care about having vast amounts of inexpensive food.

We care about having low gas prices so we can drive our trucks and SUV's.

We care about shopping malls filled with unnecessary imported junk that advertisers convince us we "need" to have.

We care about having cheap labor to build our houses, mow our lawns, clean our apartments, wash our clothes and pick our fruit.

We care about Snooki, Britney, Brad, Angelina, Lebron and A-Rod.

We care about entertainment not meaningful creation.

We care about comfort not achieving greatness.

We care about style not substance.

Our cares are local and ephemeral, not global or impactful.

Is our apathy is another example of American Exceptionalism or is apathy a global phenomenon?