The United States of Trump

During the year that was 2015, we were all laughing about Mr. Trump run for President. His crazy inappropriate remarks about made us believe that he could in no way be the frontrunner for the Republican Party. But as the year 2016 dawned on us Trump's increasing support became obvious. It made me think that this beautiful country that I so dearly love has a number of people that have racism, bigotry and hatred in their hearts. The concept of America being a place where people of all cultures, faiths, color and financial status could live together to pursue their dreams has become a faded dream. While Mr. Trump encourages and brings out the worst in people, we as a nation have become the butt of many jokes around the world.

This scary reality hit most liberal and sane Americans--what if he is elected as our president? How could a nation that was built on immigrants and the concept of "freedom" become so blind to this man's views? How would our country change? After reading some quotes by Donald Trump I have come up with a list of things that will change for us

It got me thinking about what our lives would be like.

1- There would be Trump Towers everywhere, even the White House would be called "Trump's Pied-à-terre"
2- Mickey Mouse would no longer reign over Disneyland, Donald Duck would ban all rodents by creating a wall and taking over the land of the Disney.
3- We would have shopping malls, where you can shop at store called "Only for the Best to Buy", "Guess Who Can Shop here "and "Target the others"
4- Black Friday would become "only for whites Friday"
5- The KKK would celebrate Christmas a day before the rest of us because they deserve to be ahead in everything
6- Every official event will begin with a "Hail Trump" instead of the "Star Spangled Banner"
7- Once a month Mr. Trump would shoot someone in Time Square just to make sure he hasn't lost his fans
8- Everyone that is rich would be considered beautiful
9- Mexico will have to stop sending rapists and drug dealers
10- Black people will have to stop being lazy and give up their jobs to the white people
11- Disabled journalists will be made fun of -- when and as needed
12- Knocking the crap out of anyone who doesn't agree with you would be perfectly fine
13- All Muslims would have to change their religion and become Christians, if they want to enter the US
14- If you want to cover your head, use a toupee not a headscarf
15- People that go to other countries to help the less fortunate will be banned from entering the US, as they will bring Ebola and they should suffer the consequences of wanting to help others.
16- Welfare checks will be given to rich billionaires who file for bankruptcy

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