The Untold Story of Jon Arbuckle

I grew up reading Garfield comics. My brother and I would go to bed devouring them for years. This long running series from the talented Jim Davis is the most syndicated comic of all time.

Despite my love and connection to
The Fat Cat
himself, I have always been fascinated with his human/owner Jon Arbuckle.It made me question what if someone were to focus not on Garfield the
at but on Jon Arbuckle as the main subject? What if we were to look at him as a REAL man in our REAL world?
Who would
he be and
 can we  make
three-dimensional? See for yourself in the video posted below:

Needless to say, Jon is clearly more than just a scratching post for Garfield. He is a representation of a simple man who loves women and the accordion almost as much as he loves his pets. From his many failed dates and relationships to his less-than-normal-more-than-wonderful farm family to his accordion playing and sock collection, and to his inevitable romance with his veterinarian Dr. Liz, we begin to see a character develop from these small panels of daily comic humor.

Dayeanne Hutton as Dr. Liz.

Plus, a very special thanks the Charlie Bodin, the actor who plays Jon in the short. Not only was he incredible to work with, but he immediately got what we were striving for and raised the level of the short with his contemplative transformation into Jon Arbuckle. Keep your eyes out for him, for he is a sure bet to become a rising star and one with whom I am honored to have associated with this project.

Enjoy, like, thumbs up, and spread the love, whether a fan of Garfield, shorts, or indies, there is a little something for everyone.