The UpRight Sleeper May Be The Dumbest Invention Of The Year

Judging by the market in napping-assistance products, Americans are getting really weird.

First there was the Ostrich Pillow, a strap-on piece of upholstery meant to enable you to sleep at your desk or while traveling.

Did you think that was the weirdest sleep-assistance contraption of the year? Nope. Enter the UpRight Sleeper by New Mexico's Worldwide Comfort Solutions. The contraption, which resembles something out of a lost S&M dungeon, just won an "Innovation Award" from Sky Mall. We're pretty sure the biggest innovation is convincing people to spend $46 for a device to help them fall asleep on a plane. (That's what reading the Sky Mall catalog is for.) Comfort Solutions did not respond to an email from The Huffington Post seeking comment.

Essentially an adjustable neck brace, the UpRight Sleeper helps you sleep without lying down (like your high-school math class!).

The device allows you to avoid that awkward moment when you're passed out drooling on the poor person next to you. Of course, the humiliation of wearing a brace to nap will last a lifetime, since we imagine anyone with an iPhone will be snapping pics. But don't worry, there's a totally (not) inconspicuous blanket to cover it that also doubles as a tote bag.

But why not go all the way for sleeping comfort? Get the Ostrich Pillow in there. Throw on a Snuggie or a Slanket. Cuddle up with the Girlfriend Body Pillow or Dream Man Arm Pillow. Now you're sleeping in style.



Bizarre Products, 2012 Edition