The Upside Of Trump

This is the kind of conjecture that annoys Iris even more than my putting on a navy sweater to go with my purple pants.

She accuses me of being pro Trump, which i am certainly not. I just loathe with far less zest than she does. And far less than many of my family and friends. Some of them are so dejected they find it hard to get up in the morning.

I see the upside.

After all, life is more interesting. Yes, a man who lies about everything to everybody is just a kook and they are a dime a dozen.

But when that man is president of the United States, well, that is a different kettle of fish. What "alternative facts " will he present tomorrow?

Furthermore, who do we hate. We sane, liberal readers of THE NEW YORK TIMES have been reconciled to hate nobody. This seems right, but it is also bland. The Donald arouses our animal spirits. We march in the streets; we hold high banners that display our wit and our wrath; and we take selfies to share our righteousness on Facebook.

We are indignant; we are passionate. And our friends are at our side. If this isn't fun, what is.

Every day this president does stuff that appalls, surrounds himself with evil white men who horrify us. And BetsyDeVoss. Trump is the gift that keeps on giving.

I guarantee you his pick for The Supreme Court will inflame our innards and add hot zest to our social gatherings.

When in power, we democrats do and the opposition screams. Let them do and us scream for a change.

Of course there are major downsides to Donald J. Trump. World War III becomes more likely now that he can retaliate to insults with bombs instead of Twitter. If his choice is his ego or the planet, well, what do you think.

Still, don't forget the upside. And, taking a cue from the Donald, don't be so politically correct that you can't enjoy it.

There haven't been opportunities like this since Caligula.