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The US Gov Wants Your Kids to be SICK

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I'm absolutely through the ROOF on this one. The Washington Post is reporting today breastfeeding ads by federal health officials were CENSORED to blow smoke up the formula lobby's ass. DESPITE THE FACT THIS DIRECTLY AFFECTS THE HEALTH OF OUR CHILDREN.

The formula lobby HIRED the FORMER CHAIRMAN of the REPUBLICAN NATIONAL COMMITTEE to fight what was to be a really strong campaign to show women just what might happen to their kids if they chose NOT to breastfeed.

Heath and Human Services HIRED an ad agency who came up with the spots (showing inhalers and insulin syringes) and when FORCED to tone them down the ad agency warned the new ads would NOT be effective. And guess what???? "The milder campaign HHS eventually used had no discernible impact on the nation's breast-feeding rate, which lags behind the rate in many European countries."

As if that isn't bad enough, some of the GOOD people at HHS tried to get the word out anyway when a new study appeared further confirming the dire need to raise US breastfeeding rates,

"A top HHS official said that at the time, Suzanne Haynes, an epidemiologist and senior science adviser for the department's Office on Women's Health, argued strongly in favor of promoting the new conclusions in the media and among medical professionals. But her office, which commissioned the report, was specifically instructed by political appointees not to disseminate a news release."

The United States government PURPOSEFULLY and KNOWINGLY just tried to FUCK your kids.
I'm beyond full of rage. I am beyond upset. I am beyond writing a few letters. I'll be contacting Rep. Henry Waxman of California, who is leading the committee looking into this, and I'm demanding -DEMANDING an apology from those in charge. I want assurances this never happens again and I want to know, from the f'ing President himself that they are actually trying to HELP my children, not harm them.

Politics just directly messed with my family. You can talk about education and politics and social services and politics-all very important. To me this really brings corruption in our government to a whole new level. This is HEALTH. THE HEALTH of the CHILDREN in this COUNTRY. The actual LIFE AND DEATH of millions of American kids.

I'm not being over dramatic. I've just HAD IT. I'm done sitting on the sidelines.

I won't be painted as some crazy lactavist either. Now I'm a Mom who just watched lobbiest SCREW families. ON PURPOSE. I'm not naive, I know this happens all the time up there in DC. But SWEET MOTHER OF GOD you just REPRESSED information that could SAVE children's lives.

You're going down. I'm going to make sure of it. The sick fucks in the formula industry and their Republican crownies are about to get a Queen style ass-whuppin.

This has nothing to do with "ability" to breastfeed or "what works for your family." This is called PROPAGANDA from big business and I'm done tolerating it. Done. is the email if you'd like to help plan.

I would like to see mothers of formula fed kids on here too. They snowed your asses as well and you should be pissed. This isn't about breast vs. bottle. This is about the US government tricking you. Lying to you. And failing to serve you. Bowing to the almighty lobby and dollar at the COST OF YOUR CHILDRENS' HEALTH AND WELL BEING. Don't forget, they serve you. Make them do their fucking jobs.


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