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The Vaccine Court Was Wrong

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They were disdainful and unscientific in their approach and did not gather the needed evidence. In the absence of that evidence, they should have insisted on further studies to assist in the decision-making process.

Vaccines as they are now manufactured and administered trigger autism in susceptible children.

This will be acknowledged by the AMA, the AAP, the CDC and the U.S. government at the same glacial pace these august entities followed in supporting the need to discourage smoking because it causes lung cancer, heart disease and other illness.

In the meantime, I'd like to answer a few of the comments to my post.

Zortag comments:

"Dr. Jay is not a scientist, he is a technician - that is what most MDs are. They are highly-trained, highly-skilled, and highly-compensated, but they do for people pretty much what a mechanic does for an Audi. I see no peer-reviewed publications in his biography, no additional training in biomedical research, and no specific expertise in vaccine science. He has no more credibility in telling you that vaccines are unsafe than I, a computer programmer, do."

Actually, I am a scientist. After high school, I continued my education and trained for twelve years in medical science. Subsequent to that, I have observed thousands of children and families and kept records about their health. That, Zortag, is science. Whether or not testing medicines and vaccines on a thousand people and then administering them to 100 million people is science is the real question.

Medical researchers have been caught manipulating results over and over again.

LaurieLee comments:

"Measles kills about one million people a year, it's not a minor inconvenience."

No, measles deaths have dropped 74% in the past seven years from a hugh of 750,000 to 197,000. This WHO document also talks about the dramatic drop in deaths in countries of much lesser health. Now, this is not magic: It's because of the measles vaccine. I'm not arguing that we should abandon the shot or the vaccine programs which have saved lives. I'm saying that we should evaluate the possible risk from this and other live virus vaccines much more objectively and scientifically than we have in the past. Yes, h4tch, completely abandoning these vaccines programs could lead to disease outbreaks. I don't recommend dumping vaccines; I recommend changing the level of safety we demand and a rigorous reevaluation of the schedule which now gives a hepatitis shot to a two-hour-old baby followed by six more shots six weeks later. The way we vaccinate lacks solid scientific support and ignores the possibility of increased vaccine safety.

Keep this discussion alive and in front of our legislators and medical community.