'The Vampire Diaries': Candice Accola Dishes On Caroline's Birthday, Tyler's Future, Daddy Drama

After being absent from the epic midseason premiere of "The Vampire Diaries," Caroline (Candice Accola) returns for her 18th birthday party in this week's new episode, "Our Town."

The only catch? She doesn't really feel like celebrating. Even the undead have their emotional breakdowns. And we can't really blame her. With all of the angst in Mystic Falls, we can understand why she's not in the mood to party. She is, however, in the mood for tequila, but we'll get to that later.

HuffPost TV chatted with Accola about Caroline's broody birthday, her future with Tyler, and the Forbes family drama.

This episode is going to focus on Caroline's 18th birthday, but I hear that she's not too excited about it. So what can you tell me about that?
Caroline's 18th birthday is the first time that she's truly realizing that her being a vampire is going to hold her back from a lot of firsts and a lot of moments in her life that she's, since this moment, been looking forward to. A lot of people look forward to their 18th birthdays. That's a very big milestone birthday, and she's realizing that she will never truly turn 18, or 21, or 30. And even though that saves her a hell of a lot on wrinkle cream, it doesn't really motivate her to be excited for the future when she's realizing that she won't have a future like everybody else.

That's where Bonnie and Elena come in, right? To throw Caroline a birthday party?
Bonnie, Elena and Matt all get together to try and raise her spirits, and they're excited for her birthday. What she really wants is just to be alone, but of course, her friends aren't going to let her do that. So they do have a last-minute birthday toast, and it's a really beautiful moment for the group as friends, which I'm excited about.

We really haven't seen them all hang out that much this season, especially the girls, Elena, Caroline and Bonnie. Is there any girl time coming up?
There will be many more girl moments in the next couple of episodes. I love those moments, and I think it's a great example that young, teenage women on television can actually be supportive of each other and be honest with each other, without name calling and stabbing each other in the back continuously.

I think they all need it at this point! Everyone's relationships seem to be at a breaking point.
Oh, yes! It always has something to do with the boys, so yes, there will be some much-needed venting.

Speaking of relationships, last week was a big episode for Tyler, coming to the realization that he is 'sired to' Klaus, and that tether isn't easily broken, which concerns Caroline. They didn't really leave things in a good place, so what's coming up for Tyler and Caroline with their relationship?
Tyler and Caroline will interact and speak with each other in [the Jan. 12] episode. They didn't really leave on good terms. She basically said, "You're sired to Klaus. You belong to him, essentially, so how is this ever going to work?" So now everyone is like, "Did they break up or did they not break up?" Well, let's just say things are a little bit wonky and on the rocks right now.

Will that "Will they or won't they" question be answered in "Our Town"?
It's not a 100 percent answer just yet, but you will definitely have more insight as to how strong or weak their relationship is.

Do you think Caroline and Tyler are good for each other?
At this point, they both kind of feed into each other's needs. Caroline is very much a fix-it person, and when she turned into a vampire, Stefan was kind of the one who guided her down the road of understanding what that meant and how to handle her supernatural abilities. She kind of got to be that person for Tyler, because he really needed someone in his life to guide him. So if you take that away from their relationship, is there actually a substantial relationship left? I think that's what the viewers are going to start to find out in the next few weeks, whether there is or there isn't.

Last season, we did see a lot of moments between Stefan and Caroline, which people really seemed to love. Now that Bonnie is the one helping Stefan hide the coffins, is there any room for Caroline to help bring down Klaus as well?
Stefan is very preoccupied in his overall goal of taking down Klaus, even though Caroline is semi-involved in the sense that she's there in Mystic Falls and, obviously, would love to see that happen too. But she's not really the frontrunner in being able to take down Klaus on her own. If anyone needs her help, she'll be there, but at this point, Caroline and Stefan both have their own separate agendas right now. Caroline's agenda is really focusing on her relationships -- the relationships with her parents, with her friends and with Tyler. I think her ultimate goal right now is to feel a bit of normalcy, and that's her big realization on her 18th birthday. It doesn't matter if her issues are very normal because she's still not.

How does Caroline even begin to rebuild her relationship with her parents? Is there going to be some resolution between her and her father?
We will see Caroline come to a place with her parents. Caroline and her mother have been in a great place as of recent, and that will definitely continue, [but] I don't know for how long. And we'll see, eventually, Caroline and her father come to a place where they are able to talk. But how far is that going to go? I don't really know.

You know, my co-worker said every week she gets so scared that Caroline is going to die. And it's so true! Every week I anticipate some sort of death. I have to mentally prepare myself.
The first season, every couple of weeks, my mom would be like, "Honey, are you still working?" And I'd be like, "Yes, mom! I'm still working! It's fine. Really, it's OK. It's all good." It is funny. I'm always the damsel in distress. Trust me, we are all always nervous because that's one of the things about this show. You just never know.

Now we know there's going to be a toast, but is there anything else you can tell me about Caroline's birthday party?
There's tequila at Caroline's birthday. [Laughs]

"The Vampire Diaries" airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. EST on The CW.