'The Vampire Diaries' Finale Date And More CW Season Enders Set

Fans of the blood-sucking teen drama will say goodbye to Season 4 on Thursday, May 16. That could be the last time viewers see Klaus (Joseph Morgan), Rebekah (Claire Holt) and some other characters in Mystic Falls since they could be moving in New Orleans if "The Originals" (which will have its backdoor pilot air as the April 25th episode of "Vampire Diaries") gets picked up.

Though we don't know much about the "The Vampire Diaries" finale for Season 4, executive producer Julie Plec did tease a bit about how and when the show as a whole would ultimately end. "Kevin [Williamson] and I, early in season 2 in fact ... we came up with the way we see the series ending. I think the question in a show like 'The Vampire Diaries' is really how Damon, Elena, and Stefan's journey ends," Plec told Entertainment Weekly. "We know how we want Elena's journey to end as it relates to both her character and her relationship with the two brothers, and how we want the brothers' relationship with each other to end. So that could come in year 6, if [the actors] decided they were ready to move on, or it could come in year 10, you never know."

Check out the full list of CW finale dates for the 2012-2013 season below.

Monday, April 8
"The Carrie Diaries" (8:00 p.m.)

Tuesday, May 7
"Hart of Dixie" (8:00 p.m.)

Monday, May 13
"90210" (9:00 p.m.)

Tuesday, May 14
"Cult" (9:00 p.m.)

Wednesday, May 15
"Arrow" (8:00 p.m.)
"Supernatural" (9:00 p.m.)

Thursday, May 16
"The Vampire Diaries" (8:00 p.m.)
"Beauty and the Beast" (9:00 p.m.)

Friday, May 17
"Nikita" (8:00 p.m.)

Though The CW has already renewed "The Vampire Diaries," "Arrow and "Supernatural," many of the networks other dramas like "90210," The Carrie Diaries" and "Hart of Dixie" might not return next season.

Check out how all of your favorite shows are likely to fare below.

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