'The Vampire Diaries' Recap: The Anchor Is Revealed In 'Handle With Care'

Note: Do not read on if you have not seen Season 5, Episode 6 of The CW's "The Vampire Diaries," titled "Handle With Care."

Big reveal this week on "The Vampire Diaries": They found the anchor, and in one episode, no less. If only the search for the cure had been so speedy.

Silas, who is now finally mortal after draining Katherine and quite happy about, takes Jeremy and Damon on a trip to New Jersey (or Snookie's backyard as Damon puts it) to find the anchor, which is currently in a warehouse waiting to be shipped out. The only problem is they have no idea what the anchor looks like. Elena is definitely not invited and Silas shoots her in the leg with a crossbow to make his point, sexist much? Unsurprisingly, the gang doesn't trust the self-professed monster and they're more than a little concerned about whether or not Silas is actually going to keep his promise and bring Bonnie back before he dies. Silas proposes a pinky promise.

The anchor ended up not being an object at all, but Silas' one true love, dear Amara herself, who apparently had not actually been killed by Qetsiyah 2,000 years prior. Instead, Qetsiyah kept her alive and somewhat mummified (not unlike Silas) for 2,000 years in a box. The travelers were tasked with moving her location constantly so that she would not be discovered, since if Amara dies, the supernatural purgatory on the other side is destroyed and Silas will be able to find peace. Qetsiyah clearly just doesn't know how to let things go.

Silas is thrilled that Amara is actually alive, but apparently Amara isn't so pleased because about five minutes after Silas feeds her his blood and wakes her from her stony slumber, Amara sinks her teeth into Silas' neck since the cure now runs in his veins and she can't bear to live another day.

Damon finds the crazed Amara wandering around outside the warehouse and sticks her in his trunk for safe-keeping. The CW is definitely getting it's money worth with Nina Dobrev.

Meanwhile, Qetsiyah and Stefan are hanging out together in a little cabin in the woods (or Stefan is kind of a prisoner still), but Qetsiyah is pretty excited about it. You'd think that she would learn from her mistakes, but this witch needs some serious relationship counseling. Qetsiyah knows that Silas is after the anchor and she is planning on teaming up with Stefan to kill him before he can get to it since that cheating bastard certainly doesn't deserve eternal rest with his beloved.

Unfortunately for her, however, Silas predicted that she would probably try to stop him from finding the anchor so he cursed the cabin to prevent anyone from leaving until nightfall. Elena unwisely chooses to drop in on the odd couple after Jeremy, Damon and Silas leave and ends up trapped as well. If it wasn't so awkward, it would make a great sitcom.

Back at Whitmore, Caroline is hurriedly packing up her and Elena's room since Dr. Maxfield issued his warning that the mysterious powers-that-be at Whitmore know that Caroline and Elena are vampires. This is bad news for mortal Katherine who is looking for a place to crash since she just spent her last $20 on a meal she didn't even enjoy. Apparently, Katherine is feeling some repercussions from Silas draining her body of blood because she has a wicked Rogue-esque gray streak in her hair and later in the episode her tooth falls out. Caroline agrees to help Katherine if she can help Caroline glamour Dr. Maxfield into forgetting that Elena and Caroline are vampires.

Caroline and Katherine team up to drain just enough of Dr. Maxfield's blood that the vervain gets out of his system and then Caroline quickly gets him to fess up to the secret anti-Vampire society on campus - the mysterious Augustine group, which apparently has their own vampire (Jesse?). Katherine, posing as Elena, crashes an Augustine tea and calmly walks uninvited into the house putting those pesky "Elena's a vampire" rumors to rest.

The episode ends with Stefan betraying Qetsiyah and stabbing her so that Elena can escape since Qetsiyah intended to use Elena as an offering to bring Bonnie back. It appears that even amnesiac Stefan still has a soft spot for Elena. Qetsiyah, once again scorned, decides to take her revenge by restoring Stefan's memories and making him face his painful past.

"The Vampire Diaries" airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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