The Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy? -- Update

The Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy? -- Update
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A couple of months ago, I posted a piece called "A Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy?", sent to me by my friend "Whistler" (short for whistle-blower). I noted that I disagreed with it, but found it interesting. He has now sent me a note updating his allegations. Here it is.

Dear Bob:

Well, in the piece I sent you in May which you were kind enough to post, I pointed out the opening phases of a vast left-wing conspiracy using underhanded devices to push through Obama-administration control of the U.S. economy and society. The basic strategy was--and is--to get ostensibly conservative politicians or independent companies or agencies to take weird and stupid actions which dramatize the need for an Obama proposal, just at the moment when that proposal seemed politically doomed.

Events of the last two months have confirmed the success and continuation of that strategy.

My first piece started with four faits accomplis. The first was a pre-Obama liberal prototype, California Republican Governor Pete Wilson's use of an anti-Hispanic referendum to reinforce his inevitable reelection, while guaranteeing that the growing number of Hispanic citizens would make California into a true blue Democratic state for the foreseeable future.

The Obama administration followed that up by getting Arizona Republicans to pass another anti-Hispanic law which may or may not revive the liberals' pro-amnesty immigration "reform", but will certainly lock in for Democrats in all states the same growing Hispanic vote they have gained in California.

Even earlier, the faltering Obama health plan was revived by the action of health insurer Wellpoint increasing California premiums by up to 39 percent. And a few months later, the arrogance of Goldman Sachs almost single-handedly pushed financial regulation to the point of passage.

I finished the May piece by suggesting that the oil spill would put an end to off-shore drilling. I said that even though "President Obama had come out in favor of more drilling," the spill could be "subversion by the most liberal elements in his entourage," who had clearly penetrated BP. Shortly thereafter, the President reversed himself by putting a moratorium on drilling. QED.

And now three more steps.

The first came when the Republicans weakened their almost certain shots at two Senate seats by nominating ostensibly "right wing" candidates who were so far out that they may well lose. The Republican candidate to replace another Republican in Kentucky came out against the Civil Rights law of 1965 which has been accepted and indeed embraced by almost Republicans anxious to shed any racist stain. But worse yet, the chance to get rid of Democratic Senate leader Harry Reid, which had seemed almost a sure thing, may have been lost when Nevada Republicans nominated an opponent of Social Security. Social Security!

Then, with Democratic prospects going down the drain largely because of the desertion of blue and white collar workers who had lost their jobs or were desperately afraid of losing them, the Republicans in Congress blocked the extension of unemployment benefits, thus greatly magnifying the suffering and the fears. Those votes are not going to the Republicans. Senate Minority Leader McConnell and House Leader Boehner instruments of the left-wing conspiracy? Unlikely on the face of it, but ...

Much more complex and devious, however, is the recent arrest of ten Russian "spies" and the subsequent rapid spy swap. In recent months, Obama has been cozying up to the Russians, ignoring the fact that boss Vladimir Putin is clearly returning Russia to the Stalinist era and even taking steps toward restoring the Soviet Union.

Comes the unveiling of the "spies", a clear and blatant step back to the bad old days, right? Maybe so, but maybe not: observe the way it has been set aside by the swap for four Russians, convicted under dubious Russian justice of having spied for the west.

Back and forth. A realistic American recognition of the drift back to the cold war, or another floundering Obama attempt to make nice? Which way does it end up?

The Russkies know. Consider the old joke, dating back to czarist days.

Two competing merchants are standing on a railroad platform in Moscow.

Ivan: So where are you going, Peter?
Peter: Me? I'm going to Minsk
Ivan (to himself): Aha, he says he is going to Minsk. He says that to make me think
he's going to Pinsk. But I know that he's really going to Minsk.

There you are!



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