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The Vernal Equinox

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Ah, the vernal equinox is upon us!

Welcome, spring... oh, how we have missed you so dearly!

We trusted... oh, how we trusted... you would keep your promise... as we waited ever so patiently for your return. We are reminded of the very essence of hope... and of faith... as we await all your magnificent season holds!

We shall witness your transition as you boldly and bravely overtake snow, ice and darkness! You shall prevail in your gentle, yet strong, plight as you conquer the cold earth, air and sky with such sweetness and beauty! Yes, it is now time for you to take center stage and perform in all your glory.

The rebirth of flowers, leaves and grass will soon unfold as nature begins to paint her latest masterpiece. Let us take heart as we understand the sweetness of spring is all the more sweeter after enduring the harshness of the bitter cold gray that was winter.

We bid winter adieu, grateful for its quiet and its reverence... its own unique beauty... its stark and crisp whites against endless shades of grays. You served us well, winter, as you sheltered all new life in your frozen grasp... keeping it safe... until spring would ascend to reap your hidden rewards!

Oh yes, we welcome you spring! As we shout our celebration of your return... let us notice every blade as it comes forth... every bud as it bursts... each stem and leaf that emerges... heralding your joyous return and splashing your cacophony of color!

Farewell winter ...

Welcome... Welcome... Welcome ... SPRING!