The Versatile Little Black Dress

Armed with a good sense of humor, a mini-size hand sanitizer, and a bottle of bubbly, the LBD is the only other necessity to get you through this holiday season.
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You know the feeling, the one you get when everything falls into place because you're wearing the perfect little black dress (LBD). It's happened to me once or twice in my life. As the holiday season approaches, I'm hoping it will happen again. In fact, armed with a good sense of humor, a mini-size hand sanitizer, and a bottle of bubbly, the LBD is the only other necessity to get you through this holiday season.

This month, Ambassador Magazine has featured a variety of LBD from short to long, simple to bold, with one bound to be right for you. Wearing the right LBD means, there's no need to fuss or fidget because the dress is too short, too tight or too much. It has a magical quality that you can't quite put your finger on. You just know that it makes you look thinner, prettier and somehow more charming. Unlike the little red dress, that screams for attention (and is usually a one-hit wonder), the right LBD is the savior you can to turn to, time and time again. When worn well, you're going to get noticed (before your dress), and all for the right reasons.

But with a slew of LBDs out there, it's hard to find the right one. The fact that the LBD is such a keeper is reason enough to invest in a "good" one, and that means one that fits your body type perfectly. Since it's one solid block of black color, it's nice to experiment with unusual cuts or a dramatic silhouette, it's also the best time to hone in on your best "asset" be it your legs, bust or your waistline.

There are only a few fashion rules I have (or keep) and one that always holds true is: "emphasis on one asset at a time." If you want to show off your great legs, wear a really short mini LBD that conceals and covers the rest of your body. Look for a long sleeve, tunic style dress, that's going to draw focus only to your legs. If it's your bust line you want to emphasize then look for a bustier style or strapless knee length dress, or one that's not going to distract attention away from your main "asset."

With the LBD accessories are key. The LBD is one of the best ways to showcase fabulous jewelry, real or otherwise. Wear bold statement pieces such as elaborate bib-necklaces, chunky bracelets or conversation-starter cocktail rings. Carry a sparkly clutch or a vintage purse. I like to wear my LBDs with unusual brightly colored shoes. Now's the time to wear those fuchsia snakeskin pumps you bought last year (on sale) and have never worn. By simply changing your accessories, you can revisit your dress (even in the same week), without having to worry that: "they've seen me in that!"

Find out what shape dress works best for you, and before you buy it, always try it on. This season there's a great array of LBDs accentuated with over-the-shop wide shoulders, dramatic cuts or rocker-chic style metal hardware. They're fun to wear, look up-to date and are easy to re-use, re-wear, and re-accessorize, whether they're to be worn for drinks, dinner, a cocktail party or a night out on the town.

Whether you wear your LBD with a chic strand of pearls for a timeless sophisticated look or wear it with leather studded cuffs to bring out your inner rebel, one thing is for sure, depending on your mood and the occasion you can transform any Little Black Dress.

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