The Spanglish Version Of Adele's 'Hello' You Didn't Know You Needed

"¡Hola desde el más alláaaaa!"

Less than two months after its release, the world has watched Adele's "Hello" music video nearly 600 million times on YouTube -- and it's likely they've also seen half as many covers of the singer's record-breaking hit single on the site. 

But former "American Idol" contestant Karen Rodriguez has somehow managed to give the single a fresh twist by adapting the first half of the song into Spanish. The singer recorded a performance of her Spanglish version of the song at New York City's Premier Studios and posted it on YouTube on Tuesday.

 There have been quite a few Spanish renditions of Adele's "Hello" -- including Chilean brother and sister duo Kevin Karla & La Banda's fully orchestrated version which has over 1 million views -- but powerful bilingual versions continue to be rare. 

Not to mention, Rodriguez seems to have a knack for translating hit songs in both languages. The artist previously adapted Drake's "Hotline Bling" into Spanglish and Enrique Iglesias' "El Perdón" into English. 

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