The Victory Is Already Yours: An Open Letter to Angela Simmons and Women Just Like Her


Dear Angela Simmons,

I don't know you. I've never met you or even crossed your path but I identify with your story. I've watched you live in the shadows of your father while also creating your own legacy and now you have your own child to create a legacy for. As a woman I know how hard it can be to have people praise you on Monday but defame you by Friday. Trust me, I've been there.

It doesn't matter how strong you are on the exterior, deep down words hurt. But despite the hurt, the judgement and chastisement you stay true to you because those who matter don't mind and those who mind don't matter. What does matter is you. No longer are you obligated to put your feelings on the back burner for everyone else and no longer do you have to pretend you're okay when you're not. As a pregnant and new mom you will experience happiness, sadness, anger and joy all in a matter of minutes and that's okay. It's a part of the process and for now you are entitled to be selfish. As your belly grows so will your little boy and if you don't take care of yourself he will feel it. That's what babies do, they remind you of your reality when life gets you sidetracked. They really are God's gift to the world. I thank God for my daughter daily who while I was pregnant helped me identify my own prior health issues. They know it all, I swear they do.

So from Mom's cross the world, welcome to motherhood. It's not easy, it gets yucky and it requires sacrifice but the victory is already yours. The haters will hate. People will smile in your face and judge your parenting behind your back but the amazing thing is IT'S YOUR LIFE. We all have one life to live and we can't waste it by living it for someone else. I don't believe that's God's plan and it shouldn't be yours either.

You got this Mom and to quote my favorite Disney movie(yes Disney movies will now occupy your space) Finding Nemo "when life gets you down, just keep swimming." Welcome to the sisterhood of motherhood you rock already.


A Mom Who Wants To See You Win