The Video Every Mom Must Watch On Repeat Until She Gets It

"I struggle with my temper."

"I wish I was better at taking time to sit down with my child."

"I wish I was more confident."

Sound familiar? Motherhood comes with doubts. From the moment you hold your first baby at the hospital, and wonder if you've got her cradled the right way to the day your child calls from college with all the questions. There is no map. We're raising little humans here, and it is scary. And some days, the only voice in your head is the one screaming, You don't know what you're doing.

Except you do.

The women in this video were asked a simple question -- to describe themselves as mothers. They expressed those concerns listed above. Then, their kids answered. It's like when Dove had women listen to what other people remember about their faces, only it's not selling soap and is just about parenting (which really isn't a "just" at all).

Press play. Send it to all the mamas you know. Most importantly, believe it.

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