"The View" Argues About "Darwinism" And Creationism (VIDEO)

"The View" Argues About "Darwinism" And Creationism (VIDEO)

The ladies on "The View" got into a heated debate on Tuesday about whether or not "Darwinism" and creationism should be taught in schools.

Elisabeth and Sherri are all for creationism being taught in public schools, and Sherri said that as a Christian who follows the Bible, she is teaching it at home to her four-year-old Jeffrey. "If Darwinism is taught, just do it with respect." She later said she will teach Jeffrey about Darwinism so he can have a conversation about it, but implied she will teach him evolution is incorrect.

Joy Behar, however, wasn't having it. "It's not a religious fervor thing. There's proof! Scientific proof! You want your children to go into the world and be ignorant? That's child abuse in my opinion."

Elisabeth bit back about evolution being "your way" before Whoopi cut in with, "it's science."

See the tempers flare below.


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