'The View' Gets A Campy New Theme Song Courtesy Of Mary J. Blige

And there's a video!
Are you ready?!
Are you ready?!

As “The View” gears up for its 20th season, the show released its brand new theme song and a shiny video to go with it. 

The song, titled “World’s Gone Crazy,” is a catchy pop tune performed by Mary J. Blige (WHY, MARY J.?!) and written by Diane Warren.

The video, which may or may not have been a strange idea conceived by Whoopi Goldberg, starts with a phone conversation between the actress and the R&B singer. Goldberg is telling Blige about her plans for a video, and then, poof, the concept turns into reality. All the hosts ― Goldberg, Raven-Symoné, Joy Behar, Candace Cameron Bure, Sara Haines and Paula Faris ― are in the video, dancing and singing along to the track, which includes lyrics like, “World’s gone crazy / I think there’s (x3) only one thing to do / go crazy / I think that (x3) / We should go crazy too.” 

Before you watch: be warned, it’s campy as hell and will definitely get stuck in your head. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. 



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