"The View" Gets Uglier: Barbara Can't Stop Elisabeth's Obama-Bashing

"The View" Gets Uglier: Barbara Can't Stop Elisabeth's Obama-Bashing

On Tuesday's "The View," the ladies followed up on a conversation/argument yesterday, in which Elisabeth Hasselbeck pushed Obama's radical views. Today, with Joy back, it was Elisabeth v. the other four as she continued to bring up and slam what she feels are Obama's shady acquaintances.

Preceding the clip below, Barbara called for a move away from gutter politics towards a discussion of what really matters. Elisabeth then kept talking about Obama's connection to Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers and Tony Rezko, called Wright a "hate-monger" and asked of Obama, "Are you a liar or do you have poor judgment?"

Soon after, Sherri jumped down Elisabeth's throat (as she sat expressionless) asking about McCain's first wife with, "can we talk about poor judgement?"

The argument escalated and Joy (celebrating her birthday today) pretended to get up and leave.

Elisabeth interjected, "When did this get personal? Wow. This is super personal," and she told Sherri to "relax."

Barbara again asked to no avail, "Can we stop slinging mud around?"

Elisabeth then brought up Obama and claimed Democrats pushed subprime loans, to which Joy called out, "You're listening to Sean Hannity too much!" With that, Whoopi quickly took the show to break.

Watch, as no blow-by-blow will do it justice:

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