"The View" Hosts, Then Beats Up On, "King Of Pimps"

Barbara Walters and the ladies of "The View" begrudgingly welcomed Jason Itzler, the so-called "King of Pimps," to the show today and proceeded to berate him on almost everything he said.

Even when introducing his segment, Barbara could barely muster the energy to welcome Itzler properly, and the ladies could only scoff as he described the various levels of pimping (for instance, the "guerrilla pimp"). Sherri chastised him for suggesting alternative career paths for his girls — they could have been strippers or dancers, he pointed out — but the real excitement came when Itzler explained why men frequent prostitutes (as their wives age, "maybe their bodies aren't as hot as they used to be," he told the ladies despite his better judgment).

Finally, Itzler explained what makes Eliot Spitzer's hooker Ashley Dupre a star in the escort industry: "She had a boob job, she has a nice little tush, she's a classy girl."



From ABC, 3/31