'The View' Co-Hosts Glad 'SNL' Finally Used Female Actors To Mock Them

Joy Behar, however, says she still misses comedian Fred Armisen's shoulder pads.

A “Saturday Night Live” skit that mocked the co-hosts of “The Viewearlier this month featured a brash Joy Behar, a princessy Meghan McCain and a squirt bottle-wielding Whoopi Goldberg, who sprays the other two to break up a fight.

But the skit aired just after the show went on its annual spring break, leaving the hosts no chance to respond to the segment until Monday when their broadcast returned.

Though the “View” colleagues are famous for differing on just about everything, they agreed that being spoofed by female comedians, rather than men who used to play them in drag, was a step in the right direction.

“In a certain way, I have to say, it was a pleasure to be done by a woman for a change,” said Behar, who was mimicked by a strikingly similar Kate McKinnon.

Goldberg, who was played by Leslie Jones, agreed.

“Going from several years ago when we talked about the fact that ‘SNL’ had no women, that all of us were being done by men, they have made a shift in looking at that lineup of women on there,” Goldberg added, noting that it was “very nice to finally see a woman.”

“You nailed me,” McCain told actress Aidy Bryant, adding that she wasn’t offended by the portrayal mocking her repeated clashes with Behar.

Behar also praised the skit, though she tipped her hat to comedian Fred Armisen, who had portrayed her before and who she felt “was actually funnier with his shoulder pads.”