The Violence of the Trump -- Win Or Lose

My prediction: this fall, Trump will lose to whoever the Democratic candidate is. As a result the panic level of Trump's supporters will increase dramatically, as will the violence. Remember: these are people who feel that they are in a life-or-death struggle with immigrants, homosexuals, Blacks, Feminists, Socialists, Liberals, Muslims, terrorists, evolutionists, intellectuals... pretty much everyone except those who are actually responsible for the losses of their jobs and security.

These working class folks, who have lost almost everything at the hands of the Capitalists, have been manipulated into fearing the loss of significance of the last thing that makes them feel secure and safe -- White privilege. Remember: when the Tea Party started it was a redirection of the rage people felt towards Wall Street because of the crimes that led to Crash of '08. That righteous anger was purposefully mutated into anger not at the Banksters, but at the Federal government, and then at anyone who was seen to have benefitted from Federal programs. Like voting rights, equal protection or marriage equality.

These and other programs were presented as examples of threats to some fundamental "Americanness," which was always a code for privilege. And sometimes it was simply because these desperate, frightened people saw a skin tone like theirs the very wealth that harangued them from the TV or from the stage, sometimes they simply felt comforted by the image of success, or sometimes because they heard a voice that reenforced fears they already had, these folks mentally associated themselves with the Rich Man or Woman on the stage or the TV, not with the worker they used to share the shop floor with. T

hey have been made to feel under siege, that they are fighting for their lives, for their children. And when people are in a life-or-death struggle anything goes. So for these poor, deluded people Trump's loss will simply be further evidence of how far the forces arrayed against them will go. They will completely panic, and there will be more domestic terrorism, more random shootings of non-Whites, more violence against women.

These people have had so much taken from them regarding "the American Dream" that they should be in the front lines of the fight to overthrow those that lied to them, that cheated them, that profited from their misery. Instead, they are going to be the Brown Shirts that attack those that are working to overthrow the system that lies to, cheats, and abuses us all. We must prepare ourselves for this reactionary violence, but know that it is what always happens during a revolutionary change.

And if I'm wrong and Trump wins? They will feel justified in their violence. They will not only believe that theirs is a righteous cause, they will also have the full weight of the executive branch behind them. Also, were Trump to win, it would mean that voters had most likely returned Conservatives to Congress. That body could pass laws allowing for persecution as it has whenever panic and demagoguery gripped the nation.

Either way, in my opinion, political violence will increase after the fall election. So it will be up to elect a president who we firmly believe will deal with the fundamental failures of our economic system, who will shift us from being a trickle-down, profit at any cost, blame-your-fellow-worker-not-the-Boss nation. Because if these deluded, terrified people can come to feel that any privilege they have is not based on skin color but on being an equal citizen in a democracy that values their participation, that they are part of the fight to promote the General Welfare rather than simply being fodder in the war to further empower those who actually oppress them, if they see an economic system that rewards their hard work rather than lauding those who live by the sweat of someone else's brow, and if they can see themselves as a respected working class of a Nation (whose great wealth they contributed to with their labor and inventiveness) that uses its wealth for betterment of the lives of its workers first, last, and always perhaps they will calm the fuck down.