The Virtual Happiness Of Pokemon Go

Congratulations Pokemon, you have finally exposed our society and ripped the Band-Aid off.

We'd rather be virtually happy than really truly happy.

We'd rather walk around neighborhood to neighborhood with our smartphones, chasing little monsters on a screen, trying to find the next little monster, than chase or communicate with real-life people.

This is the most brilliant exposure of our society that has ever happened. We have finally, finally, become one with our phones.

I like to call the phone the "Magic Wand" because that's how I use the phone.

I look at it when I'm in Palm Springs to find a healthy place to get something to eat and then I push the little button and it takes me to that place via the GPS. Things like that never existed before.

I look at it to communicate with people on Facebook. It's kind of fun to just pass a little bit of time and communicate with friends and other people and see how other people are living their lives. To be honest with you, that's about all I do.

I love the fact that we can cruise all over the world nowadays, and get information wherever we are. But I think we have finally ripped the Band-Aid off.

We are a society full of learners.

People are using Pokemon to connect any which way they possibly can.

The virtual world for so many people is far more fulfilling and now they can connect with other people and talk to them about their virtual experience on Pokemon too. I'm not sure relationships or friendships are going to be made this way.

But, this has really shown that we truly are a world of very disconnected human beings. When our true happiness is coming from the screen of a little phone, we've really hit rock bottom.

I'm sure there will be other things like Pokemon coming out; this is just going to be the start of the virtual living that people are going to be doing from now on.

Other companies are probably already looking for ways to achieve the same success as the Pokemon Go creators. They've seen how many people are playing the game and they want that. They're out there creating more apps that will lead to people being even more disconnected from the real world and connected to their phone.

I'm sure everybody is thinking the same thing. Except for me. See, I want to socially connect with people in real life. I'm actually putting down my phone more than ever before because true happiness comes from connecting with another person.

When I have something that I need to accomplish, I go out to the field called life, and I speak to things called human beings. I don't stare at my phone. I don't Google things. I talk to people because I practice the law of attraction.

Whenever I'm going through something, I tend to meet people that are either A, going through it, or B, already went through it. And sure enough, when I concentrate and put that energy out there in the field called life, I get the answers that I need. I get the connections that I want; I find the love that I want, friendship that I want. That's how powerful life and human souls are.

But nowadays, we'd rather stare at the Magic Wand all day long. The more hours we can put in front of the Magic Wand, the better we feel because we live in a society full of people that actually fear each other.

It's almost like they never got passed stranger danger when they were children.

And that to me is really bad because the world is meant to connect. When you go to bed at night and you cuddle up with your phone and the last thing you see is the magic of Pokemon, something is really truly wrong. When you spoon your iPhone, and you think about what Pokemon's going to bring you the next day, do you realize that that is probably your best relationship? It's not the way it's supposed to be.

I'm not a technology basher; I'm all into the beauty of technology, but it is destroying our human race. It's actually destroying person-to-person connection. And we have to do something about it because Pokemon is going to come at you with a lot more.

There's going to be Pokegirl. There's going to be virtual reality boyfriend/girlfriend.

This is just the start of what we're about to see.

It's up to us to stop the madness. You need to realize you're just an addict, and realize you're missing the real thing -- human beings.